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Student Stories - Shen

Shen has really achieved something at Able Skills and he has made a complete career change as he has headed into the Tiling Industry.


He is now coming towards the end of his 8 Week Tiling course at Able Skills and he is fully set up to start his tiling career as he has started his new business already. Shen has been here early every single day to get going and to improve his skills and knowledge of the industry. He has been extremely motivated to be the best he can at his new trade and some of the work he has completed has been excellent.

Before he decided to make a change in his career, Shen worked in car trading and he was very successful. However, he now felt it was time to make a change and start a career as a Tiler. Once he made the decision to make a change his brother recommended him to Able Skills, as he had completed all of his plumbing training with us. Originally he was thinking of doing a gas course, but as his brother had already done this he changed to tiling. He made the trip down to our centre in Dartford and was shown around and he booked the course there and then.

Since then he has developed into a fantastic Tiler under the guidance of instructors Max and Terry. His work that he has completed has been really highly rated by Max and he expects him to go onto big things in the industry. With his new business on the way, Shen is fully prepared to start putting his skills to good use in a new career in tiling.

In fact all his hard work is starting to pay off, Shen has recently completed his first real tiling job on the weekends. This is great for him as he is starting to gain tiling experience before the end of his course and he is also starting to showcase his new business.

Here is some of the work he completed in a bathroom at the weekend:

shen1 shen2 IMG_6696[1]

Shen’s new business is called, Sol Property & Maintenance Services, he is going to be working closely with his brother, so they can get work from each other and offer a whole service together. As Shen is edging towards the end of his course he is really starting to focus on building his new business and building the brand.

If you are in need of some tiling work, then contact Shen on 07494793258, he is working around the London, Kent and Surrey areas. So if you need some work done, then give Shen a call!

A story like Shen’s is great to hear because it shows that our training courses can really help to change people’s careers and help them on their way to becoming a tradesmen/women. Shen has managed to change his career around at Able Skills and he is very excited about his new career as a Tiler.

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