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Tiling courses this Tuesday!

Take a look at today’s tiling centre, lots going on people starting their first week, and students coming towards the end of their tiling courses.


Here’s a look at today’s tiling centre, if you’ve thought of taking up tiling then have a look at the facilities we offer here at Able Skills, there’s so much opportunity in tiling and it’s a great trade to have under your belt.

Whether you’re looking to improve your skills, change careers, gain a qualification or start a career were here to help you! We run a range of different tiling courses here from an introductory course to an 8-week intensive NVQ Level 2 tiling course; those 8 weeks can be split up or can be done all at once it’s whatever you would prefer to do.

Start your career:

Start by taking on of our tiling courses!


If you were looking to become a professional tiler and achieve an NVQ at level 2, then I would strongly recommend taking this course. During these 8-weeks you will learn a variety of different aspects form an introduction in the first week, to natural stonework, floor preparation, plastering, geometric tiling and much more.

Once you have completed your 8-week course, comprised of hands-on practical work, you will then need to be registered for NVQ Level 2 under our centre we will sort that out for you. Next, you will need to have the work you are undertaking assessed first hand and when this is required we will arrange for our assessors to visit you at your place of work to asses your competence.

We will also provide you with a portfolio, which will give you a great start, which will include evidence of your ability. Furthermore, assessment sheets so that once you start undertaking work, you can gather evidence of the tiling you have completed; we will help you to understand how the evidence is gathered for an NVQ portfolio.

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Tiling industry:

The industry is always there, meaning there are always job opportunities for tiling workers, people are always looking to get a new look in their kitchen or bathroom, it's also such a rewarding trade as you get to see a room transformed. There is always a demand for tiling no matter what part of the country you are in you don’t have to be in London to find work in this sector UK wide there are plenty of opportunities on the horizon for aspiring tillers. Make sure you are a trusted professional and there’s no way to get a more trusted qualification then with us here at Able Skills, we are City & Guilds accredited and have a great reputation for producing top quality tradesmen.

There is a current boom in the residential construction sector, new residential lots and homes are springing up all over the place, make sure that you take advantage of this and get into a construction trade. This is the perfect time to pick up new skills; no matter if you’re already a working professional say as a painter and decorator and you’re looking to expand your skill set, take a tiling course.

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