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Tiling courses

Tiling is a valuable skill for those who are interested in DIY, those who fit kitchens or bathrooms, and also for general tradesmen. Some people may think that tiling looks easy; however, there is an art to it, and in order to produce a neat result it is important to do a little training in the basic skills required.

It is possible to enrol on intensive tiling courses, which aim to teach those with little or basic knowledge and experience of tiling how to tile well. These courses are very practical, and will help students to gain valuable experience in tiling, building up their confidence and ability.

Intensive tiling courses last for around five days and are ideal for those looking to gain a little experience for a DIY project, and also for those who wish to progress to having a successful tiling career. Those who wish to continue gaining qualifications can enrol on longer and more detailed courses, which can last for four to eight weeks. They aim to provide students with the skills and knowledge to become an experienced, neat, quick and successful tiler.

It is possible to study tiling either for five consecutive days, or at the weekend for those who have commitments in the week. As tiling is a hands-on subject, which involves mainly technique, it is not usually possible to study tiling through distance learning.

Tradesmen who are competent tilers could also benefit from taking decorating courses, which can help them to gain additional work from those who need both tiling and decorating works.