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Tiling To the Modern Taste

There is always something new in tiling! Interior designers are forever looking for innovation and unique solutions. Not all of the everyday tiling jobs will consist of relying on fixing walls with standard colour and size ceramics. It's therefore, important for individuals wanting to train on a professional tiling course, to be made aware of the great variety of patterns, materials and finishes available, and which ultimately, they will need to know how to competently install.Current bathroom trends often include the 'metal' look with stainless, brushed or satin finishes. Previous methods of using very large sheets of stainless or copper have been largely replaced by small tile squares which allow for interesting patterns and 'accents', especially with the backsplash.Another popular 'modern' approach - although it has been in established use - is the glass tile. Available in an exhaustive array of colours and surface textures, this allows for the possibility of progressing from the basic tiling of a backsplash to installing undivided parapets or shower stalls in the home bathroom, where previously it may only have been seen in hotels, etc.Other recent developments have seen the introduction of the hardwood bathroom tile, which essentially is a china tile manufactured to look like hardwood and a ceramic tile measuring 6ins by 2 ins,?