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Tiling With A Traditional Look

Tiling is one trade where you never know what your next job may entail! It may not be necessarily all about a client wanting to surround their bathroom in the latest tricky design or unusually created tile material, which may be a challenge to properly fix to the present wall or floor!On the other hand, everyday contract jobs within certain commercial sectors do more often depart from the standard plain tile assembly line! In recent years, a definite trend has been towards recreating bathrooms or sometimes, kitchens from an earlier decade.This has been especially popular where homeowners are keen to preserve, restore or recreate traditional Victorian or Edwardian floors with the crackled glaze look and pattern ceramic tile, first manufactured in the 19th century and still available.Apart from the occasional demand for retro chic tile patterns from the 1950s, 60s or 70s, a more ambitious approach can be to evoke interiors from the Roman or Greek time periods with a modern twist. This naturally involves knowing how to work competently and patiently with the detailed system of laying mosaic tiles. Once again, its a trend, more often associated with tiling a leisure or entertainment facility, such as a restaurant or nightclub, that has been gaining in popularity in the home.This means that today, to train to become a fulltime professional tiler, an all-round and in-depth knowledge and experience needs to be built up to comprehensively deal with any type of task that may arise. The increasing demand for a 'Specialist tiler' means it is more than useful and valuable to undertake a tiling course in learning the correct skills and knowledge to competently lay mosaics and in particular, Victorian mosaics, to a very high and professional standard.At Able Skills recently extended Tiling Centre, Victorian and Mosaic Tiling courses of short duration are available, and are especially crucial for confidently preparing for one off projects. Trainee tiling candidates would also be recommended to take a 5 day Introductory tiling course.