Train through Electrician courses and bounce back!


Business like electrical firms are bouncing back as lockdown restrictions are eased. This has been a difficult time for everyone, people are unsure about the future of their employment. However, the role of an electrician although affected by this pandemic is one of those industries that will withstand most situations, having a trade skill like electrics is something that people can rely on especially if you're working on a self-employed basis. To avoid job uncertainty and the stress that comes along with that why not seek training though electrician courses, learn trade skills and rely on nobody but yourself for your career, earnings and schedule!


Electricians have been revealed as the highest-earning self-employed professionals, the pandemic obviously slowed down work for many working for themselves out in the industry, however, people still and will always need the assistance of professional electricians. The typical self-employed sparky earns £51,200 a year! This is a very competitive salary and is hard to beat with any other trade skill. Now, there are clear indications that the Government’s easing of lockdown is having a positive impact on key areas of the UK economy such as electricians. Here's a look at our path to becoming a professional electrician...



Electrician courses

Train towards becoming a professional Electrician and bounce back!


The first step in becoming a professional electrician is by taking on our City & Guilds Level 2 Electrical course! This is a 7-week course during which you'll gain hands-on practical experience and some understanding of the theory behind electrical installations. The course will cover the wide range of electrical installation skills plus the essential electrical science, electrical theory and insight into how the industry works. Our instructors are experts in the trade and will guide you the entire way! Our facilities house everything you could possibly need whilst training, plus due to social distancing, you'll have your own separated workstation to practice within.


Next, you'll want to continue gaining theory and practical skills by moving forward onto our City & Guilds Level 3 Electrical course - This is again a 7-week course, that is the natural progression for anyone who holds a recognised level 2 Electrical Installation qualification and is the next step towards becoming a qualified Electrician. We will provide you with the relevant textbook and hand-outs to support the course which is yours to keep where other training centres would have you pay for these materials on top of the course fee. We will take you as close as we can to ‘reality’ to prepare you for your next steps within the electrical industry.


Electrician courses

Train towards becoming a professional Electrician and bounce back!

What's next?


After completing these two qualifications there are a few short courses you'll need to achieve before you can begin working. First, 18th Edition which is a 5-day course that will help you to gain an understanding of the industry standards, the wiring relations outline the guidelines for safe and effective installations, this is knowledge that everyone working with electrical installations must understand. Additionally, you may want to gain some understanding of some specific tasks such as the following...




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To find out more about exactly what you will be learning whilst attending any of our Electrician courses including the individual weeks of training, make sure to click the links throughout these articles. Our phone lines are now operating as normal, so for any additional questions or to book a course give us a call on 0808 100 3245! 


We have our own accommodation which is available on a room only basis and is located only 5 minutes from the Training Centre. The Accommodation is owned by Able Skills and will only ever be used by our students; the property also has a large car park so, for any of our visitors who are considering driving to us, vehicles can be left there quite safely. Also, make sure to check out our Youtube channel for an inside look into electrician courses or come visit us in person to see for yourself the great work that we do here!


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