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Standard of Training in the Gas Industry

In the most recent issue of the Gas Safe Register magazine it talks about the future that Gas Engineers will face. In the piece it highlights the issues within the gas training industry and how some centres are still not training students the right way.

It reads as follows: “1 in 5 gas engineers say the standard of training is the biggest issue facing the gas industry.”

With many people getting the wrong training due to go to the wrong centre or the cheapest centre and therefore causing themselves problems in the long run. Therefore the industry is now clamping down on the standards that have to be met by centres. It also says that 17% of engineers say that improving training will lead to a successful future.

Here at Able Skills we have recently revamped our gas courses to meet the new industry standards to make sure everyone is getting the right knowledge and skills to carry out gas work safely.

Able Skills has been delivering gas programmes for a number of years now. We have seen ourselves provide gas courses on behalf of CITB but for more than 5 years now, we have been delivering Bpec accredited gas programmes and ACS. The training programmes over the years have been improved and changed regularly to meet certain standards but the most recent change seems to us to be the most important as it finally means that ALL training providers now have the same guidelines to follow and adhere to – this includes content and duration. This is to make it sure that no one is taking shortcuts when training to become a gas engineer and that they are learning the right way.

The article in the magazine states that standard of training is one of the most important issues facing the industry and also one of the main issues. This is from a survey carried out to gas engineers currently working in the industry.

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