Grouting and cleaning is the last stage of the tiling process. You’ll need to spread the grout evenly across all your gaps and then clean with a damp sponge before buff polishing for a shiny finish. Here’s our guide on how it’s done correctly.

Step 1. Mix your grout

Pour about half an inch of water from your water bucket into the other empty bucket. Then get the bag of grout and add about half the contents to the bucket. Do not add too much at once as you can always add more later. Mix together using your bucket trowel. Do this slowly as the powder needs to mix completely.

  • If still too wet, add more grout and mix again
  • The whole mix needs to be the same consistency


Step 2. Test your grout

Get some grout on the trowel and lift it up. If it slowly slides off, then you know the mix is ready.


Step 3. Apply mix to floor

Take the mix and apply it to the floor, spreading it round using the float. Make sure you get it in to all the edges and holes, angling your float between 35 and 45 degrees.

  • Don’t forget to grout under the toilet and the edges of the room
  • Remove excess grout and deposit into a new working area


Step 4. Clean the residue

There will be a lot of residue on the tiles. Take a damp sponge and rub off the excess grout in a circular motion. Work away from the walls and edges.


Step 5. Continue to grout in sections

Move on to the next section, following the same patterns as above – spreading, removing excess and sponging off the residue. Keep going until you have grouted the whole floor making sure you fill all the spaces and that the grout is flush with the tiles.


Step 6. Buff polish dry areas

By the time you get to the end of the room, you will notice that the area where you started is already drying. The grout will look lighter and more powdery. You can start to buff polish these areas using a clean, dry and lint-free cloth.

  • Shake off the dirt residue from the cloth from time to time
  • You will start to see the floor visibly becoming cleaner and shinier


Step 7. Sweep up

Finish off by sweeping remaining grout away with a broom.