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Where is the best place to work your trade in the UK?

Get the most from your trade: how to earn £12,000 more than the national average


Want to know the best cities for your trade?

All over the UK, there are opportunities for construction workers, but new research shows where specific trades can get the most out of their profession.

A valued profession, working as a brickie, electrician or any other trader can get you onto the career ladder quickly and offers solid opportunities for personal growth and income. If you’re looking to relocate or want to get the most from your trade – Here are the best locations in the UK:     


It turns out that south-end is the most profitable place for bricklayers to be working, Brighton in particular: Not only does Brighton top the list for the best location (joint with London) but also the average salary. Bricklayers can earn around £43,240 in this seaside town, which is £12,000 more than the UK average of £31,217.

Why not make the move if you’re currently a bricklayer and would consider the move for financial gain. This could a great potential opportunity to make an investment in the future of your career.

If you’re considering getting into bricklaying and or you’re taking one of our courses currently, a quick heads-up Brighton is a place to be!

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Painters and Decorating:

With the number of construction projects increasing, the demand for painter and decorators is too. Whilst the average salary for the trade is £23,725 – Peterborough has the highest average salary for the trade at £28,785, with Dundee being the best location for independent businesses.

Again a great opportunity to take your business to where it is most valued currency in the country, take advantage of the job opportunities and demand for your specific trade, if you don’t have any commitments to a place in the country or really would like to make more money on the same trade then take the risk and make the move.

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Plumbers – Plumbers in Southend earn the most in the country with an average salary of £34,103, nearly £6,000 more than the UK average, which is £28,163. The lowest average salary for the profession is £26,808 in Bradford – with Sunderland being the best location for job vacancies.

Plumbers looking for a better value for their time should consider the move to the south end. This could be a great time to take the move, other than the south-end there are also great opportunities always in London simply down to demand due to population.

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Electrical Trades – With iconic skylines and bright lights, it’s no surprise that they earn the most in London, around £34,986, nearly £6,000 more than the national average.

However the south-end is also a great opportunity, electricians aren’t earning more in this area, however, there is an abundance of jobs available. The massive shortage of skilled workers on the south coast is surprisingly high, the amount of job vacancies makes it an ideal place to start setting up shop, why not make the move if you’re struggling to find opportunities in the capital, as its such a competitive market you may find yourself earning more by taking up a large amount of work in the south.

If you’re looking for a new job, and a change of scenery, South-end is the top contender. It has the second highest average salary across all the trades (£32,335) in the UK, just behind London (£36,233). With over 9 businesses per 1,000 people and the second highest amount of vacancies, over 16 per 1,000 – it is one of the best locations for vacancies and businesses in the electrical trades.

If you’re an electrician, already working in London then you’re in the right place, it’s the obvious place to be for electrical work and the statistics support that claim. There is a giant market for electrical work within London from residential installations to larger company fittings and so on.

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