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Universities Week 'plays positive role for training'

Individuals across the UK who have taken PV training courses may like to get onboard with Universities Week in 2011.

Johnny Rich, editor of, said the week is not really aimed at prospective students, but is more a celebration of the positive impact that higher education has on the UK as a whole.

He commented: "The idea of Universities Week - which is a wonderful event and should be applauded thoroughly - is that it demonstrates how society as a whole benefits from higher education."

Mr Rich added that it is about highlighting the things that universities provide beyond the academic side, be it groundbreaking research or being a driver for economic activity.

According to Paul Edwards, chair of the British Council for Offices' Environmental Sustainability Group and head of sustainability at Hammerson, those who have completed higher education in PV or electrical courses can play a key role in helping companies save both energy and funds.

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