What the options are for gaining an NVQ in Carpentry, and the best route for you!


Looking to gain an NVQ in carpentry? There are a few different options for gaining an NVQ in carpentry, it depends on how many years of experience of you have working in the industry.

Carpentry is a rewarding and hands-on trade. The trade is so versatile and necessary in the construction industry. Many carpentry and woodworking professionals earn well above the national average wages for their trades, especially if they have a lot of experience or work in high-paying industries or regions.


There are two paths towards an NVQ!



If you have over 5 years of experience working in the industry as a professional carpenter then you can enrol in a fast-track course that will mean that you can be assessed here at our training facility. The EWPA or Experienced Worker Practical Assesment is a fast route open through Construction Skills (CITB). It is available for workers who do not need any further carpentry training due to their proven experience in the field.

All candidates must:

  • Be site experienced in all the stated skills of the Carpentry NVQ
  • Have sufficient experience of the skills of the NVQ, so that planning your working day, problem-solving and decision making and working to deadlines (with regard to carpentry) are a usual day-to-day activity
  • Have an ability to cope with the demands of an intensive practical assessment process
  • Have an ability to work safely at all times
  • Have an ability to discuss your work activities with others

This fast track route or EWPA route is very simple and can be completed in a relatively short space of time if all of the evidence required is readily available. This is ideal for experienced workers who don't need to spend too much time away from the site, instead can skip to the assessment period.



The second route for workers who don't have at least 5-years of experience in the industry then you will have to take the OSAT route meaning that you will have to complete your NVQ assessment on-site. You will have to be in employment to be assessed against a set of criteria. We can arrange work-based assessments, by sending out and Able Skills assessor to confirm your carpentry competence and claim your NVQ which will generate the right CSCS card for you.

We will examine and discuss any evidence you have provided. An assessor will sign off completed units, where sufficient quality and quantity has been provided, any shortfalls of evidence will be discussed and any training requirements identified. In between visits, you will continue to generate further evidence.

More Details:


If you would like to see all of our available courses, see below. For more information, you can come into our training centre in Dartford anytime between 8:30 - 4:30! We are open every single day! Alternatively, you can call - 0808 100 3245