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Weekend 18th Edition and 2391 Courses at Able Skills!

electrical courses weekendFull-time training will always bring certain obstacles for adult learners especially. With work and everyday life, training during the week isn’t always possible and sometimes it can put people off training. This is why at Able Skills we offer the majority of our courses at weekends along with our full-time programmes. Our most popular weekend options are without doubt our Electrician Courses and due to high demand for our shorter electrical courses we will now be offering the new 18th Edition courses and Inspection & Testing 2391 courses over the weekends.

Able Skills have been running City & Guilds Level 2 and 3 Electrical courses at weekends for a long time now and the demand has been absolutely huge, especially in the past few years. More people are seeing the benefits of training at weekends as it allows them to continue work and fund their training. The weekend training options have allowed so many more people to train and make a change in their careers and get the qualifications they need.

With the new 18th Edition being released this year and the new 2391 being released last year, we have seen a huge demand for Electrician and Domestic Installers coming to complete these courses. However, it isn’t always easy for them to get time off from their current roles to get the qualifications they need. The 18th Edition will be a necessary requirement for all Electricians and Domestic Installers come January 2019 when the 17th Edition runs out. So, running courses over two weekends will allow more people to train without having to take time off work.

These weekend courses are being aimed at Electricians that are already fully qualified and are now coming to get some more up-to-date qualifications. This will allow them to get the extended qualifications they really need without it affecting their working life.

Since our first 18th Edition course in July, we have seen high pass rates and huge demand for our courses. It has been a huge success with every student walking away happy with what they achieved. We would like to share some feedback from students that have recently finished the 18th Edition course:

“More great training by Andy and Able Skills!”

F. Edwards – 18th Edition Course – 15/08/2018

“Andy was outstanding once again and held the class together like a belt buckle.”

A. Ali – 18th Edition Course – 15/08/2018

“Very well taught course in three days!”

L. Forni-Lucey – 18th Edition Course – 15/08/2018

“I thought 3 days was short however I passed which meant 3 days was great. Again, quality teaching from Andy. Patient and effective explanations.”

T. Fahey – 18th Edition Course – 15/08/2018

“Very good instructor”

N. Hyland – 18th Edition Course – 15/08/2018

“Very intense but worthwhile. Andy is very, very good!”

P. Knight – 18th Edition Course – 15/08/2018

If you would be interested in our new weekend courses, please contact us today on 0808 100 324 for more information. Dates for the 2391 Courses are available now!