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What are you waiting for...get your 18th edition out of the way? Here at Able Skills, we run a comprehensive 3-day classroom-based course that will get you up to speed with the latest wiring regulations. There are a few ways that we offer this course, we try to be flexible, as who know that people are tight for time these days - such as our weekend 18th edition courses.


18th edition courses

The 18th Edition Course and Electrician Training at Able Skills


What is the 18th edition?


The 18th edition is the latest document outlining the standards for electrical wiring. UK’s standard for electrical wiring installation was released in 2018 and is now fully in force. It is a requirement that everybody working in the world of electrics is familiar with the layout, content and application of this 'book'. This is not a legal requirement, but as this standard is recognised as the most thorough and is published by the UK’s highest governing body in terms of electrical installation, The Institution of Engineering and Technology, it is seen as a mandatory resource.

Why Able Skills?


There are many reasons to choose Able Skills, from our flexible payment methods, excellent instructors, great facilities and years of experience teaching...We have been a training institution for over 10+ years. Why hear it from us, why not read the opinions of our former students: 

  • “A lot of was covered in such a short amount of time. The tutor was informative and made light work of teaching us how to navigate around the regulations. I would recommend this course to others. I will definitely re-attend Able Skills for any future courses I take!” - A Sannis 


  • “Excellent, well delivered and explained in a manner that I could easily understand, the course gave me a better understanding of the correct, new regulations.” - J Rowbottom


  • “Very in-depth, great explanations, I feel so much more confident after my time at Able Skills, I now understand the new regulations and I’ve progressed a lot on this knowledge from the start of the course to now.” - S Stroud


Our course: 


Our 18th edition courses are specifically aimed at practising electricians, electrical contractors and those who require to have a good working knowledge of BS 7671. The aim of this 3-day electrical training course is to gain familiarity with the layout, content and application of the BS 7671: 2018 18th Edition Regulations!

The course is taught by our instructors that have years of experience both teaching and working out in the industry in the world of electrical work. Our course is completely classroom-based and aims to help you absorb the information and complete the assessment successfully without a problem. During the three day period we will cover the following topics: 


  • Scope, object and fundamental principles
  • Definitions
  • Assessment of general characteristics
  • Protection for safety
  • Selection and erection of equipment
  • Inspection and testing
  • Special installations or locations
  • Appendices


Want some more information?


If you would like some more information about any of the 18th edition courses talked about in this article, then get in contact with us! Either call 0808 100 3245 or Come down to our office, we are located in Dartford. We have an open policy meaning we encourage people to come in during opening hours to ask questions, look around and be guided on the best route in terms of 18th edition courses. Alternatively, you can enrol online - simply select the course you are interested in and click 'Book Now' or 'Reserve Your Space' - follow the instructions from there and you'll be one step closer to becoming a professional.

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18th edition courses

18th edition courses are crucial when looking to become a full qualified professional electrician / seeking ECS card!