What do our previous students think about our training & facilities?


Here at Able Skills, we take pride in our ability to teach both theory and practical skills to all - we provide courses in all types of different trades from construction trades such as carpentry to more technical abilities like plumbing. Check out some of the feedback that our previous students have given us. These reviews are from candidates who took a variety of different courses here at our training facility and left us with their thoughts...



"I chose to train at Able Skills over the weekend because of the reviews I saw from others. I had a great teacher in Phil and I learnt so much. The skills I have learnt on this course will be a great help to me in the future."

- Barry (Introduction to Plumbing)

"Our tutor Sat was awesome, full-on and you would come away from everyday feeling filled with knowledge. But it was a very enjoyable experience. This has been the toughest part of my course but Sat really has been on top form helping us every step of the way. Very Impressed!"

- D. Ott (Initial verification and certification of electrical installations)

"The tutors gave very clear instructions and the advice was given was great. The chance to work and practice our skills were very positive. It was a friendly atmosphere and really appreciated the discussions from my tutors."

- R. Oster (Introduction to Plastering)

"I enjoyed the week training and I know would like to follow it up with another plastering course. I may do it once my other courses are completed. Great course! Thanks!"

- D. Wright (Introduction to Plastering)

"Joe is a very good instructor and he ran the course at a very good pace and he was always there to help and was happy to answer any questions that we had."

- E. Howes (Introduction to Plastering)

"Thank you to Joe and the team, he is a great tutor and it was a great course. Happily, come back again for an advanced course in the future."

- I. King  (Introduction to Plastering)

"Our course tutor, Joe was very good. He really knows his stuff about the trade and he also knows how to teach learners of all abilities, he seems very knowledgeable and experienced. I am now looking to move onto the next level."

- J. Houghton  (Introduction to Plastering)

"I did the course to get some basic skills in bricklaying, the course exceeded my expectations and Steve was brilliant in helping out with everything, highly recommended."

- A. Ward (Introduction to Bricklaying)

"Able Skills was the closest training centre to me that offered the best training. The work was set at a great pace and good for all levels of learning. This is a great course for topping up your knowledge of the plumbing industry."

- L. Stonehill (Introduction to Plumbing)

"My employer found Able Skills online and I was very pleased. Bob was superb and gave great instruction, it was a friendly learning environment. I will recommend the course back to my company for the future."

- T. Bauer (Introduction to Plumbing)

"I read some of the course reviews for a few companies and Able Skills came out on top. I would 100% recommend to a friend or anyone looking to pursue a career in construction/plumbing. I am going to be coming back to do more courses in tiling, bricklaying and plastering. Bob was a brilliant teacher and I am very happy with the course."

- J. Wray (Introduction to Plumbing)

"I had the pleasure to be one of the first students to be trained and use the facilities of the new plumbing centre. I completed a short plumbing course to be able to complete some plumbing work in my own home. Del was fantastic in explaining all the details of the course and he was a big help, even when I struggled with certain areas he was always on hand to help. I am now considering the level 2 plumbing course and to change my career and become a plumber."

- K. Smith (Introduction to Plumbing)

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Want some more information? If you are looking for some more details and advice on how to go about getting involved with any of the courses that we offer, prices, booking and so on. Call 08081003245 our representatives are waiting for your call and are happy to help! Furthermore, if you would like to take a look around and converse in person then you are more than welcome to come by our office in Dartford and we will advise you on the best options for you...We are located at a very short distance from the local train station. Accommodation is available whilst studying here at Able Skills, for around £20 /per night to enquire about that please contact us as spaces are limited!

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