What options are available for 18th Edition courses?


So, it looks like we are slowly getting back to normality here in the UK! If you are training to become an electrician, becoming up-to-date with the latest industry regulations on wiring and the safe use and operation of electrical equipment and systems is vital. We have been providing Electrician courses to students since 2002, meaning we have the experience and expertise to teach any kind of electrical training you are looking for and even in bespoke ways. Today we will look at what options you can take to gain an understanding of the 18th Edition!


18th edition courses

An 18th Edition Courses at Able Skills!


Firstly, our traditional 3-day course is usually taught within a classroom here at our centre in Dartford, Kent. This course will be entirely theory focused and will help you to gain familiarity with the layout, content and application of BS 7671:2018 - 18th Edition Regulations. Taught by our very professional and helpful instructors this is an informative course that will hopefully give you a solid understanding of how to find information in the book itself, what it means and how to incorporate the statements and regulations into your electrical installations. Additionally, we obviously now have social distancing measures in place, this course would consist of a lower number of students and everyone will now be spaced out within the classroom along with many other measures in place through the whole centre.


Secondly, we understand that although we have social distancing measures in place some people would prefer to find an alternative to attending our centre at the moment. Well, we have virtual training options coming very soon meaning that you can take the entire course through live sessions with the instructor, online, from the comfort of your own home. This will be completely the same course as it is theory-based anyway having it taught online is of the same value and quality. We will send you'll of the materials needed to your home!


Social Distancing

This is our instructor Andy working with students online.


Finally, we offer bespoke company options. Most of the electrical programmes of learning that we offer will predominantly be delivered at our training facilities in Dartford due to the practical assessment requirements of some electrical qualifications, however, on occasion and dependant upon the learning requirements of your business, we can come to your business premises. We can discuss your requirements and will do the best we can to support your needs. When it comes to the 18th Edition this process is very simple as the course is 100% theory so this can easily be taught in a group session without coming to the centre until the assessment. For more information on this kind of option give us a call on 0808 100 3245.



Able Skills is an IET Centre of Excellence which means that you can rest assured that we deliver the highest quality electrical training programmes. Our phone lines are open during the week, so feel free to contact us on 0808 100 3245 for any questions or enquiries about booking electrician courses or any other training. We are slowly but surely opening all of our courses back up. Currently; Electrician courses, Plumbing courses, Gas courses and Bricklaying courses are running 7-days a week with the rest of the construction trades due to return on the 3rd of August.


We have our own accommodation which is available on a room only basis and is located only 5 minutes from the Training Centre. The Accommodation is owned by Able Skills and will only ever be used by our students; the property also has a large car park so, for any of our visitors who are considering driving to us, vehicles can be left there quite safely.


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