Ask yourself what do you consider to hold the greatest value in your house? TV? Electric recliner? Console? The thought of not having these things in our home would sound so strange as such appliances have become normal to have at home. One could argue that we over look whats kept these possessions of ours running until we run into a problem with our household electrics! Searching for a nearby electrician however can sometimes create even more stress... Are they qualified? Are they registered?


Wiring can prove to be very complex and its work like this which should only be carried out by a professional and registered electrician. Electrical work is amongst the most dangerous of jobs when considering home improvements. Should we look to hire someone who hasnt achieved their electrical qualifications, we are risking further damage to our homes resulting in paying out even more!

It may be worth while reading the below for some questions you can ask your electrician...

Are you a registered member of one of the Government approved schemes?

Start by checking if the individual is a registered member of one of the Government approved schemes.  Choosing a registered electrician means you will get additional protection if something were to go wrong. You can even contact the government directly should you wish to check the individual’s registration.

Could I see your paperwork?

Sometimes we feel as if we are being necessary when asking to see the qualifications of the tradesmen we're hiring. With electricians being no different, no tradesmen should hesitate when asked for their relevant certification and registration status. Be sure to ask about City & Guilds accreditation and such awarding body is highly recognised within the trade. So please...ask about electrical courses and where they received their electrician training!

electrician courses

Do you have any references from previous customers?

Naturally, we may get referred to an electrician through a friend. Sometimes however, this may not be the case and to give us that extra assurance why not ask for examples of previous work? Make sure the electrician you hire is reliable by checking for references with their previous customers. Its better to be safe than sorry.

Who else will be working in my home?

When you employ a builder or a kitchen fitter to do some work in your home, they will often need to bring in an electrician for certain work. But do you know if the electrician they have hired is qualified themselves? It’s easy to assume the tradesman in charge will check qualifications and registration, but sometimes assuming can bring us trouble!

electrician coursesI’d like to get a second opinion – can I get back to you?

Electricians are not cheap. Ensuring they can provide the work they say they can at a reasonable price should be a stress free process. Take some pressure off yourself by asking more than one electrician to get the best quote...but keep in mind, the cheapest isn't always the best!

Able Skills have been helping electricians successfully pass their electrical courses and assist in electrician training for several years and its not wonder why we are the number one choice for such courses.

Next time you are looking to hire one, be sure to mention if they studied at our training centre in Dartford!