What will I learn on the Gas course?


Now, this question is very broad and the answer is actually...Everything! During one of our Gas courses, for example, our New Entrant Gas Training Package 2 you will learn an abundance of theory and practical skills over a period of 7-weeks which will hopefully take your ability in the trade from beginner to engineer! You will learn the skills that are required for you to eventually be in a position to register with Gas Safe. This package of learning is devised to take you step-by-step through the various training in the essential skills required to become a safe and competent Gas Engineer.

Our courses are taught by instructors that are complete experts in their field they have been working as Gas Engineers their whole life and are now teaching the subject, their knowledge, tips and tricks are hard to replicate. During our gas training courses, you will not need to bring anything with you, no equipment, nothing, all that we ask is that you bring suitable clothing and a pair of steel-capped boots! Everything else will be provided for you. Here are some of the major topics that we cover in the New Entrant Gas Training Package 2:


  • Cutting and measuring copper tube accurately
  • Pipe-work preparation for soldering
  • Soldering techniques / Practicing soldering/soldering assessments
  • X and Z dimension calculations
  • Cutting assembling and soldering practice frames to specific dimensions
  • How to assemble compression fittings/compression fitting assessments
  • The use of different types of jointing pastes for compression jointing
  • Cutting assembling and jointing compression fittings frames to specific dimensions
  • Cutting and treading low carbon steel pipe
  • Jointing steel pipe
  • The use of different fittings on steel pipe
  • All pipe-work is tested to 3 bar for 3 min
  • Hot and cold water theory
  • Heating Controls – theory
  • Different types of heating systems
  • Different types of heating controls and their functions
  • Fixing a simulated combination boiler jig
  • Fixing all necessary pipework
  • Running pipework under floors
  • Marking out and fixing radiators simulating ground and upper floors
  • Water testing
  • Positioning an indirect cylinder in an airing cupboard
  • Connecting cold water supplies to a cylinder
  • Hot water pipework from the cylinder
  • Coldwater distribution from a simulated loft area
  • Legislation
  • Tightness Testing
  • Pipework requirements
  • Pipe sizing
  • Gas rates / Heat inputs
  • Flueing
  • Appliance installation and servicing
  • Ventilation
  • Unsafe situations



To complete this course it isn't simply enough to learn, you must show that you have taken in the information and that you can apply what you have learned, we will test your knowledge via written exams and practical assessments throughout the 7-weeks. Obviously, if you are paying attention during this course this shouldn't be a hindrance to your success and only prove that you have been putting the hard work in. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be provided with a Bpec Foundation Portfolio and guidance for completion. After the 7-week programme, the next two steps are portfolio completion and an ACS assessment - which is a necessary requirement when looking to become Gas Safe! It is a formal test of your competence and a seal of approval in the gas world,  covering a series of different practical topics:


CCN 1/CPA1: Core Gas Safety

CENWAT 1: Central Heating Boilers

CPA 1: Combustion Performance Analysis

CKR 1: Domestic Cookers

HTR 1: Gas Fires and Wall Heaters

MET 1: Meters

DAH 1: Warm Air Heating Appliances


Need more?


If you would like to learn more about all of the different gas courses and packages that we offer then simply click the links throughout this article - they will take you to the pages on our website that lay out exactly what each course is all about! If you would like to speak to a representative of Able Skills then do not hesitate to give us a call on 0808 100 3245 between the hours of 8:30 - 16:30 any day of the week, we are open Monday - Sunday. Alternatively, you can come into our office to ask, questions, look around and be guided on the best way to become a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.

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Able Skills Gas Training Courses are Bpec Accredited