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What You May Not Have Known About Able Skills Electrician Training


Thinking about changing careers or gaining further Electrician Training? Well we thought it would be a good idea to inform you guys of what you may not have already known about the Electrician Training at Able Skills. It's safe to say we have plenty of experience when it comes to helping students develop their careers. From on site work to self employment, we've helped the masses achieve what they set out to do! So let's kick start it off with point number one...

  1. City & Guilds Accreditation

Firstly, there's no point in undergoing Electrician Training if you're not gaining formal accreditation that's recognised world wide! Students training at Able Skills can expect a City & Guilds Certificate upon completion which instantly allows them to get their foot in the industry. It's something firms seriously look at and has become the standard for Electricians looking to really build their career and earn the big bucks.

2. Industry Expert Instructors

Well, you'll only as good as your teacher and it's a good thing our Electrical Instructors have combined experience of well over a century. This gives you guys the advantage as having tutors who have been in your shoes before and built their way up from just starting out, to developing their career, to self employment, to then teaching you guys really gives you guys an incomparable teaching experience. The idea here is to teach you how to fish!

3. Flexible Electrician Courses

We wouldn't be a true Training Provider if we didn't adhere to various student needs. This is exactly why we offer a selection of Weekend and Part Time Electrician Training Courses to make bettering yourself that much easier! Can't make it Monday to Friday? No Problem! Click here for our selection of Home Study and Weekend Electrician Courses.

4. IET Centre Of Excellence

Fortunately for Able Skills, we're an IET Centre Of Excellence, something which the average students may not know about. In the words of the IET themselves, here's what being recognised as such means:

The Centre of Excellence programme allows high quality training providers to be recognised as such by the IET.  A ‘Centre of Excellence’ will be able to use associated branding on agreed promotional materials and certificates.  Centre of Excellence status is awarded to providers after a rigorous audit that covers all operational aspects of training delivery, such as financials, training facilities, quality of training materials, trainer development and the health and safety of learners.

5. Independent Reviews

Electrician Training

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Don't just take our word for it, take the time to read some INDEPENDENT reviews of our Electrician Training. The Able Skills Review Page is full of genuine reviews given to us by our students who have completed their courses with us. Being in the industry for nearly 2 decades, don't be surprised if someone you work with has previously trained here already. It may be worth asking them how they found it here. After all, we all trust those we already know and we're confident they'll be sharing good things with you!

So there you have it, just a few things you may not have already known about Able Skills Electrician Training. We're really proud of all the students we've trained over the years. Seeing familiar faces is always a bonus here at Able Skills as we see many students come back for further training.

If you're thinking about changing careers or gaining further Electrician Training, please click here for an extensive list!... Don't forget, we welcome anyone interested to come and give us a visit for a look around our centres! No appointment needed, come and say hello between 8.30 and 4.30 7 days a week!