What's next after Plumbing Level 2?


So...you have completed our Plumbing Level 2 course and you are wondering what to do next in terms of further training, well today we will be looking at the courses open to you upon completion of your level 2. Here at Able Skills plumbing has always been one of our most popular trades if not the most popular - This is due to a few reasons including the ability to become self-employed. Now that you have successfully gained a Level 2 qualification the net logical step is to take on a National Vocational Qualification, however, this requires you to be in employment...In the meantime there are many different specialist courses that you can take here at Able Skills, here are just a few:


Water Regulations Course:

This Water Regulations Course is aimed at individuals who wish to carry out work with a local water company. Successful candidates are encouraged to join WIAPS, which will let them carry out work without having to be approved by their local water company. Upon completion of work, the Approved Plumber will issue a certificate for work completion to both the owner/occupier and the water company.


Energy Efficiency Course:


This Energy Efficiency Course is designed to provide practicing heating installers with the knowledge required to advise customers on how to get the best from their central heating system.The course provides knowledge and understanding of system layouts, controls and components and the best way install a system to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations.


Domestic Hot Water Storage Systems:

This Domestic Hot Water Storage Systems or G3 is for installers who wish to install Domestic Hot Water Storage Systems and join a Competent Persons’ Scheme which will allow the self-certification of installations...This is a modular course and each module has a number of specific sub categories for example, forms of hot water supply, legislation covering installation and maintenance, Installer competency, secondary circulation, discharge pipe sizing, balanced and unbalanced cold supply, and many more.


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Students gain great practical experience whilst training here at Able Skills.

Think about gas?


A lot of our students return to us after completing our City & Guilds Plumbing Level 2 course not to gain further knowledge and experience n plumbing but rather to take on an entirely different trade; gas! That's right, the two trades actually go hand-in-hand using a lot of the same skills, tools, pipes and so on. Having the ability to provide both services when working out in the industry makes you more likely to find opportunities and ultimately make money! We know that this is a route that plumbers often take so we offer a Qualified Plumber Gas Training Package 2 - This course is specifically for those who hold plumbing qualifications and cuts 2-weeks out of the process, this is because the elements you would have learnt in those 2-weeks you will most likely already have mastered due to your plumbing know-how. - We have spaces available on this course starting in June this year!


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Need to know more about our plumbing courses? Simple...Give us a call on 0808 100 3245 our lines are open between 8:30 - 16:30Monday - Sunday! You can also pay us a visit in person if you would prefer to speak to us face-to-face about our range of plumbing courses, you are welcome to come down to us here In Dartford, Kent between those same hours. We will help you in any way that we can and will even show you around our training centre so you can gain a sense of the learning environment that we provide.


If you live a considerable distance from our training centre here on the London & Kent order then you may be interested in our accommodation, we provide accommodation exclusively to our students for the reasonable price of £20 per night! - Contact us ahead of your courses' start date as spaces are limited!


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