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Why Home Study courses are so popular?

Our electrical home study courses are becoming extremely popular here at Able Skills due to the flexibility of the courses.

Home Study electrical courses are getting very popular at Able Skills. Home Study electrical courses are getting very popular at Able Skills.

Electrical courses are arguably the most popular courses we offer here at Able Skills and we are always looking to add more course dates to deal with the high demand for our courses. Due to the high demand our home study courses have proven to be very popular.

With our training centre being for adult learners looking to change their careers, the home study option is very popular and this is why…

As many of our students here are looking to change their careers and become Electricians, they will find it hard to commit to a full seven weeks of training without working. The home study courses allow our students to train and fit it around their current working lives.

Also, the home study option means that our students complete their theory work at home in their own time. This allows them to learn when it is convenient for them and continue to earn while they learn.

Once our students complete the theory work they will then book in for 4 weeks of practical training at our centre in Dartford. However, this doesn’t have to be completed in a four-week block, it can be changed to suit your diary.

We offer the home study courses for the Level 2 and Level 3 Electrical Qualifications (we also offer this option of learning for the Level 2 Plumbing Course.)

The popularity has risen so much for the home study courses because of the flexibility it offers the students. As the students need to work and earn to be able to fund their courses, it allows them to work around this.

In the practical training weeks of the electrical courses, the students will complete a variation of practical work and assessments along with online multiple choice exams. Each week of training is completed from Monday – Friday.

A lot of our home study students have preferred this route of training because they learn better when they are studying by themselves, rather than sitting in a classroom.

We have been filming our current group of home study students in our centre working on week three of their practical training. It can be seen here on our YouTube Channel:

If you are interested in starting one of our home study courses today, please contact us on 0808 100 3245 and we will be more than happy to help.