gas safetyIt should really be obvious why Gas Safety is so important; however, it is still not clear to some people how important it really is. Unfortunately, it is becoming a regular occurrence where we are seeing ‘gas engineers’ being arrested for carrying out illegal gas work or homeowners being caught up in the horrors of gas because of illegal work.

Worrying figures came out from the Gas Safe Register, where research came back with Gas Safety being towards the bottom of their list of priorities for homeowners when moving into their new home. Only 12% of homebuyers would fit a new boiler, whereas 27% of people would concentrate on redecorating. This is extremely worrying considering the dangers of gas. What is even more worrying is that 24% of Brits say they have never had their Boilers serviced or not getting them serviced every year, which is highly recommended.

The dangers of gas can cause fatalities and very serious injuries. Poorly maintained or badly fitted gas appliances can cause, fires, gas leaks, explosions and carbon monoxide poising, all of which can be harmful to life. Therefore, it is so important to ensure you are getting your gas appliances serviced yearly and by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. If they aren’t registered with gas safe, then there is a good chance they don’t know what they are doing and are therefore putting you at serious risk.

Unfortunately, there are people out there that like to think they can carry out gas work, but they can’t and are putting people are serious risk. Doing this is illegal and authorities are now cracking down on it and hefty fines and even prisons sentences are being given. Getting proper training and the right qualifications is vital to carrying out gas work safely and correctly.

Here is the Gas Courses we can offer you at Able Skills:

We offer 6 different Gas training packages here at Able Skills, for both Qualified Plumbers and New Entrants. Each course will give you the in and out knowledge of how to safely carry out gas work and the importance of gas safety. See all Gas Courses on offer here:

Depending on your current qualifications it will be either a 5-week or 7-week Gas Course. Each of which will be followed up with a portfolio that will need to be completed full of work evidence that will be completed with a Gas Safe Engineer. We offer a portfolio placement with a company called Boiler Medic. Once this is signed and completed you will then complete the ACS.

Get in touch for more information on Gas Safety and our Gas Courses, call 0808 100 3245. Alternatively, come down to our centre and have a look around. No appointment is needed, just come down and we will answer any questions you have.