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Why The 18th Edition Course Is So Important

18th edition course An 18th Edition Course at Ableskills

The 18th Edition Course, otherwise known as the latest wiring regulations allows you to carry out electrical installations legally. Without this, you'll be penalised heavily leaving you with fines to pay, as well as not being able to work in the future. In a nutshell, the course tests your level to competence to make sure you are qualified to carry out the electrical work you say you can!

We catch up with our students regularly to get their feedback and speak to them in more depth about their course. More often than not, they tell us the 18th Edition is a course they simply want to get done and dusted so they can start working on electrical installations.

Across both the 3 day course and the 1 day update course, Able Skills host several on a weekly basis alongside the Electrical Courses and Electrician Training we run as usual throughout the year.

18th edition course Able Skills Electrical Courses Are City & Guilds Accredited

Here are some of the changes the 18th Edition Course introduced after the 17th:

  • The requirements on SPD (surge protection device) consideration and usage have been revised.
  • There are new requirements for AFDDs (arc fault detection devices) have been considered.
  • Requirements for cabling support and fixings have changed.
  • More emphasis has been placed on protective devices being selected properly and working together in a system.
  • There have been some changes applying to work within special locations.
  • There is a new appendix on energy efficiency.

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