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Women growing stronger in the Construction Industry!

It is no hidden fact that the construction industry has been dominated by men and that women are very rarely seen on building sites. However, with changing times we are seeing changes for the better in the construction industry with much more women training and becoming fantastic workers in their chosen trades.

Often has been said that people would prefer a female to carry out work on their home rather than a male, especially with the older generation. Lots of organisations are out there to help support women and help them get started in the industry such as: Women on the Tools they have supported many women in the industry as well as former Able Skills students.

We have seen a huge increase of women training across our courses in recent years and have seen some fantastic success stories from this. With women training on electrical courses, plumbing courses, plastering courses and much more, we have seen numbers go up year on year.

One particular success story that stands out is two women that trained with us back in December 2017. Ella and Kate took themselves to train on our plumbing courses and plastering courses. Both on maternity leave at the same time, they decided to use the time to retrain and start a new career. Since then they have gone from strength to strength and now run their own business. See their work here: ekrbdevelopments

They have been so successful that they have been picked up by BBC South East for an interview about their new careers and taking the plunge as female plasterers. You can watch that here:

This year we expect to see more women training with us than ever before and we expect even more success stories to come from this. If you are an ex-Able Skills student and you want to share your success story with us, then contact us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @ableskills.

If you are a female looking for a career change in 2019, then why not try the construction industry?

Here at Able Skills in Dartford we run various courses in all trades and can get you fully qualified to start a fantastic new career. See all our courses here:

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