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Yet More Cases Of Electrical Fires!

Yet More Cases Of Electrical Fires!


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Electrical fires really should be a thing of the past as the topic remains in news headlines, yet we hear of more and more cases. It's believed the tragedy that was Grenfell Tower was caused by such Electrical Faults and as a Training Provider, we believe we should spread the message to ensure people take extra care with their electrics. No one thinks it can happen to them, but the reality is it can happen to anyone.

This week has seen another case of an Electrical fire which raises questions as to whether people are even checking if they're electrics have been assessed by a professional in the first place.

Stoke on Trent Live reported that two people were evacuated from their bungalow after an electrical fire spread to their roof! As fire fighters were called to the scene, they spent hours tackling the blaze as 3 pumps were needed to put an end to the fire.

The brave team had no other option but to force their way into the property with breathing apparatus's and hose reel jets before stripping tiles from the roof and loft to reveal the hotspots.

Here's what the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesman had to say

"Firefighters attended to a bungalow on fire on Cheyne Walk in Nantwich which spread to the roof.

"The fire is believed to have been accidental and caused by an electrical fire in the loft. Two people were in the home at the time but managed to evacuate themselves from the property."

Being a Training Provider

electrical courses Health and Safety remain a massive part of our Electrical Courses

Now being the training provider that we are, we believe the best cure of such electrical fires is through prevention and we do this by training the electricians of tomorrow to ensure any electrical installations are built with quality in mind. But it's down to property owners too! You guys need to ensure you've called an electrician to oversee your electrics making your safety and the safety of others around you a priority.

Electrical hazards are most certainly a huge topic across our various Electrical Courses here at Able Skills and it's something we put great emphasis on. We believe it's essential for such hazards to be covered and if you're looking for a course that covers areas like this then please click here for an extensive list.