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You Can't Do THIS Without The 18th Edition Course!

...And that's electrical installations! That's right! If you didn't already know, it is against the law to carry out any electrical installations without having the 18th Edition Course under your belt.

Students shown in the above live video are currently undergoing their first practical week of their Home Study Electrical Course. Students are taught all practical Electrician Training in one of our electrical centres after having learnt the theory via our Home Study Pack.

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Being one of our exclusive Electrician Courses, you are certainly taught how to carry out work you can expect out in the real world and naturally, electrical installations are of course a major aspect of the trade. All students will have to eventually complete their 18th Edition Course if they wish to make a living as an Electrician - as enforced by the law.

For firms looking to get their guys up to scratch with the latest wiring regulations, please note that Able Skills now provides Mobile 18th Edition Course Training! This means we will COME TO YOU at your place of work and allocate a tutor all to yourself. Feel free to ask them as many questions as you like which relate to your line of work and of course enjoy the advantage of personal tutoring for your entire team.

If this is something you want to find out more about, please click here for the 18th Edition Course contents and call us on 0808 100 3245 to book your very own private tutor. For all other Electrician Courses, please click here.