Today's tiling centre here at Able Skills is as busy as ever.


We offer a range of tiling courses here at Able Skills, whether you are looking to take on the craft professionally or do some DIY around the house, we have the courses for you!

Our students today are getting on with some practical training, whilst getting some expertise and advice from our renowned instructor Kieth. He has years of experience and that is the reason why our students leave the centre feeling confident and comfortable in their ability to tile perfectly. There is no better place to get guidance from an experienced professional with years out in the field. You can get top quality City & Guilds qualifications here as well as a Diploma and even be geared and prepared to be successful in an NVQ!

tiling courses

Able Skills tiling student, taking on a new unit: Decorative Tiling

The course you should choose is heavily dependant on your previous knowledge and ability in the trade... If you absolutely have no previous knowledge and you have never even attempted tiling, then instead of jumping head first into a full on course maybe start with an Introduction to Tiling Course. This is great because we provide all the tiles and tools you will need as well as a work station and the expertise of our two instructors. An absolute great taster of the trade overall!

Already have the basics down?


If you already have the basic understanding but, you are looking to take tiling up as a full-time profession and don't know where to start...Then our Level 2 Diploma Course is perfect! This course is 10-weeks in total, you will learn to be someone who can competently undertake a variety of aspects of tiling and complete all of the preparation that is required in order to produce excellent work!

During the course you will achieve knowledge of:

  • Health, safety and welfare in construction
  • Principles of building construction, information and communication
  • Preparing backgrounds for tiling
  • Forming sand and cement screeds
  • Tile wall surfaces
  • Tile floor surfaces

This course is a mix of theory and practice, whilst the emphasis of the process is on gaining valuable practical skills. Getting practice in a controlled environment is very beneficial and proactive. It means instead of struggling to figure it out yourself, at any point you can question your instructor and get the perfect answer as well as extra tips and information that would be impossible to gain on your own.

This course will put you in great stead to become a professional and gain employment in this field once completed. These tiling courses are designed to give you the best start and act as a stepping stone into the working world!

tiling courses

Tiling Student getting some great practical experience at Able Skills Today!

Already a professional tiler?


If you are already a professional tiler or you have completed your Level 2 Tiling Diploma Course the next step would be achieving an NVQ! There are two routes in terms of the tiling courses we offer regarding NVQ. Firstly if you have been working in the industry as a tiller for more than 5 years and you can show evidence of this you can take the EWPA route, EWPA or Experienced Worker Practical Assesment is a fast track route, meaning you can be assessed here at Able Skills. 

However, if you have not been working out in the industry for 5-years then you will need to be assessed on-site. Yes! This means that you will have to be in employment...Once employed we will send a trusted Able Skills assessor to your place of work and he will carry out a competency test, to judge if you have the knowledge and ability to be successful in an NVQ!

Want some more information?


If you want some more information about our tiling courses, you can come to our centre. We are open 7-days a week! Come into our office at  K5, Riverside Industrial Estate, Riverside Way, Dartford DA1 5BS anytime between 8:30 - 4:30. Alternately, if you would prefer to talk to a representative, feel free to call us with any questions or for bookings at - 0808 100 3245

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