carpentry courses careerEach year we see so many people of all different backgrounds coming to our carpentry centre as they look to join the carpentry and joinery industry and start their new career.

Whether they are coming from an office-based jobs or something completely different, we love to know their stories and this is why we regular speak to our students to find out exactly why they are training.

This week we have spoke to four of our current carpentry and joinery students as they work through their courses with us. Here is each of their stories:


Firstly, we spoke to Nigel who is currently edging towards the end of his 10-week Carpentry and Joinery NVQ Level 2 Course. Nigel has always been involved in building as he has been a labourer for a long time, however, he decided it was time to get a trade and he chose carpentry. He is now going to work for a kitchen fitting firm after his course is complete.


As he works through the Accredited Carpentry Course, Tom has learnt much more than he ever thought. He previously worked in Sales until he went out to Australia and done the odd bit of carpentry work and has now come back to get his qualification. Tom’s brother has a carpentry business in which he will join after his course that is three weeks in.


Another Tom up in our carpentry centre as he looks to start a new career in a trade that has also been of interest to him. His grandad was a Carpenter and it made him have a connection with the trade. Previously he worked with the council doing maintenance work, but he now is looking to get a qualification and he also has an interview for a job this coming week.


Last but not least we have Stanley, who has more experience of the trade than other students. Stanley works in theatre where he builds the sets for big shows and is now looking to get a carpentry qualification that will allows him to get a bigger job role and earn more money.

If a new career in the carpentry industry interests you, then contact us today on 0808 100 3245 for more information on our carpentry courses.