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What happens next?

A large majority of our students will come to us for a change of career. Some career changes we see are huge.

Some people just prove that it is never too late to make that change in your career and start off fresh with a new found skill. With some hard work and motivation, hundreds of students here at Able Skills are able to make that change in their life that they have been talking about for years and swap careers.

Here a just a few examples of what our current students are doing with their course:

Student Name: Joe

Course: City & Guilds 6 Week Bricklaying

Life before Able Skills: Joe is a licensed Black Cab driver and has now decided to add a new skill to his current set.

Future Plans: As Joe is currently halfway through his Bricklaying course we thought this was the best time to ask him what his plans are for the future. Joe plans to set up his own building business and to gain some skills in other trades along the way. Also he plans to still use his Black Cab as part time work.

Joe on his Bricklaying course. Joe on his Bricklaying course.

Student Name: Gary

Course: Level 2 Carpentry & Joinery Diploma

Life before Able Skills: Gary use to work for a very large printing company up in the city of London and after 25 years of working very long hours in the same industry, Gary felt it was time to make a change and opt into another career and learn a new skill. This is exactly how he ended up at Able Skills.

Future Plans: With only a few weeks left of his course, which he has thoroughly enjoyed, Gary is now thinking about what he plans to do after the course and he wants to progress into getting employment quickly with a local Carpentry company.

Gary is starting a whole new career. Gary is starting a whole new career.

Student Name: Michael

Course: 8 Week Plastering

Life before Able Skills: Michael worked in the retail industry before he enrolled onto this course at Able Skills as he saw his step brother doing extremely well in the construction industry and he thought it was the best career path for him.

Michael Michael plans to follow his step brothers footsteps and enter the construction industry.

Future Plans: He now plans to work self employed as a Plasterer and plans to get an NVQ so he also has the option to work on site.

Student Name: Ketal

Course: City & Guilds 5 Week Painting & Decorating

Life before Able Skills: Ketal had spent the last few years working as a labourer on different building jobs and sites but he saw that the money wasn’t great and he wanted to learn a specific trade.

Future Plans: So far Ketal has learnt a great deal about the industry and is now thinking of working for a company firstly to gain some experience and work on site. Then in the future he maybe will look into private work.

Student Name: Philip

Course: Domestic Installer

Life before Able Skills: Philip had worked for many years as a Chartered Engineer in the defence industry where he would work on very big projects. He now wanted to begin his domestic installer course so he could add more skills to his very long list of current skills.

Future Plans: After he has finished the course Philip plans to use his new skills and qualification for his personal home renovations and maybe some private work in house renovations.

Student Name: Pete

Course: Domestic Installer

Life before Able Skills: Pete works as a Carpenter for a carpentry company that can also carry out other work. So Pete decided to gain some electrical qualifications.

Future Plans: With his new skills he plans to continue working as a Carpenter but he is now able to offer more work because he has a wider skills set and it also means he can sign off his own work.Pete

Student Name: Oliver

Course: Introduction to Tiling

Life before Able Skills: Oliver worked for a building company before his Able Skills education began and he just done general work and nothing in a particular trade, Michael now felt the time was right to try his hand at a particular trade, so he began tiling.

Future Plans: As Michael only has completed a short introduction course he won’t be able to work as a Tiler just yet, however after his course he is considering the NVQ course that will allow him to go out and work as a fully qualified and trained Tiler. He plans after his long course to work self-employed.

Oliver starting off his Tiling education Oliver starting off his Tiling education

Student Name: Ruth

Course: Level 2 Plumbing

Life before Able Skills: Ruth was working abroad in Cyprus where she was looking after a number of properties but now she is back in the UK and wanted to get into the trade industry. She chose Plumbing because she felt it was the best option for her and that she could gain a lot of work from it.

Future Plans: As her course is coming to a close Ruth has now decided that she wants to begin her own company and work self-employed as a Plumber and has already booked a Gas course at Able Skills for the New Year!

Ruth is planning to start her own Plumbing and Gas business. Ruth is planning to start her own Plumbing and Gas business.

All these students have just shown how it is possible to switch their careers at any time and start fresh. Some have come from all different backgrounds and Able Skills has brought them together as they all search for the dream of a brand new career.

If you wish to start off that dream career then we can offer the specialist training to match it, just contact us on 01322 280202 and we will provide you with all the information you need.