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Carpentry students working on their courses

From short courses to the much longer NVQ courses, our spectrum of courses is fantastic and we have students come from all over the world to train. Whether they are looking for a new career or just some basic skills, we have the carpentry courses that will suit their needs.

Our current carpenters are working on a variation of courses. From the shorter courses to qualification courses we have students carrying out different tasks.

carpentry courses Carpentry students at different levels on their courses.

We have recently invested in new machinery up in our centre and this has been put to good use by our students.

Also, we have had several companies approach us recently asking for students that are finishing their training. They are looking for staff and see our students as possible candidates. This is due to the training they know our students are receiving.

Here are our students working on a range of different tasks on different levels of courses:

Along with our carpentry courses, we also offer joinery training. Our courses also include carpentry and joinery combined courses for people looking to gain that little bit extra towards their new careers.

You can watch our most recent carpentry students working hard in our centre from our recent Facebook LIVE recording, you can also view it on our YouTube channel.

If you are interested in any of our courses, please contact us today on 0808 100 3245.