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Electrical Lighting - Reducing Energy Costs.

An approved and accredited course for electrician training will show the trainee electrician how they can be of help to the domestic householder with providing advice on energy efficiency and reducing costs. This can translate to replacing obsolete and inefficient electrical appliances and heating systems under the various schemes now available, with the installation of a renewable energy system, such as solar PV panels.Today, the big message is to reduce carbon emissions and save on energy bills at the same time. Most householders begin the process by buying energy-efficient light bulbs, contacting electricians or plumbers to install insulation in their homes under a Government scheme and even having dimmer switches installed in their homes.It should be noted that whilst a dimmer switch may control the level of brightness, the same amount of power is still being consumed and the rest of the energy given off as heat! Using a dimmer switch will not make a significant difference to overall energy emission or cost saving! Installing energy saving bulbs for the entire house is still the most efficient method - and could mean a saving of around ?