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Electrician Courses - Why The 2391 Inspection and Testing Course Remains Essential

inspection and testingSo what does Inspection and Testing entail?


electrician trainingWell firstly, the 2391 Inspection and Testing Course at Able Skills is City & Guilds accredited. Such course helps students develop essential knowledge and skills to professionally install and carry out initial verification and periodic inspection and testing on electrical installations.

You may have previously undertaken other Electrician Courses and if that's the case, you will most definitely hold an advantage over others who may not have acquired such experience in electrical science and installation work.

What's the difference between the two?


Well Electrical Inspections are carried out to ensure the safety of your home, as well as commercial properties and check that everything is in working order. Now this remains massively important as all it takes is for some faulty wiring to cause an electrical fire and hence great responsibility is placed upon those carrying out the inspection.

Now Electrical Testing is also used in both domestic and commercial properties to ensure public safety. But many still disregard the huge market for such service as it's actually a legal requirement under both of the 'Health and Safety at Work' and the 'Electricity at Work Regulations' acts to make sure all equipment is tested and deemed as safe. An example of when this could be carried out would be when moving out, as Landlords are required to meet such regulations and if they fail do so, they could land themselves a hefty fines and even a prison sentence.

electrician trainingIs it really that important?


Most definitely. Many of us recall the tragedy that was Grenfell Tower which saw a faulty fridge lead to the loss of lives. Many argue that the same lives could have been saved if more of an emphasis was placed on Electrical Inspection and Testing. It really is essential and more awareness should be made about the importance of making sure a property is up to scratch.

Where can I find the course details?


For in depth information on what's covered in the City & Guilds Accredited Inspection and Testing Course, please click here.

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