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Fault Finding Course at Able Skills

We are now offering a Fault Finding Course here at Able Skills with our new revamped gas courses.

Due to a high demand of gas students looking to complete fault finding training, we have now added a new fault finding course at Able Skills. This comes with our revamped gas training programme and is available after the five-week managed learning programme and after the students have completed their portfolios.

This is a five-day course and it is designed to teach our students how to fault find safely when working with gas appliances. The idea of this is to increase the student’s employability when they leave our centre and look to go out and get a job within the gas industry.

Also, this course will be available to people who are already Gas Safe Qualified and would like to get some more skills.

Having provided portfolio placements for our students for quite some time now, it has become very apparent that despite comprehensive training and a work placement, candidate’s knowledge of boiler service, repair and maintenance is quite minimal. To combat this, we are introducing this additional week of training to cover various aspects such as:

Boiler Fault Finding:

  • Multimeter training
  • Electrical Safety tests
  • Testing pumps
  • Testing switches
  • Testing fans
  • Fan switches
  • Temperature sensors and stats
  • Diverter Valves
  • Domestic Heat Exchangers
  • Expansion Vessels

Wiring & Controls:

  • 3 Port 2 Port rigs
  • Frost Protection
  • S.I. Programmers
  • Zone Valves
  • Sequence of Wiring
  • Fault Finding

This five-day fault finding course can be completed at any time after the portfolio stage of your gas course. Although this course is not mandatory, it will improve a gas engineer’s skills and employability.

We are now offer a Fault Finding Course here at Able Skills We are now offer a Fault Finding Course here at Able Skills

If you are interested in becoming a Gas Safe Registered Engineer, then train at Able Skills. We believe that it is vitally important that every single student gets the correct training to carry out gas work safely and correctly. Please contact us today on 0808 100 3245 for more information. If you are already a fully qualified Gas Engineer and you are looking to complete the fault finding course, also contact us on 0808 100 3245.