Getting on the path to Professional Tiling!


Tiling is a career that, despite popular opinion, is not just for builders, painters and decorators, neither is it unsuitable for women. In fact, people go into tiling from a range of different working backgrounds and there are many successful and well-established female tilers, as well as tilers who have work backgrounds that are completely disassociated with the tiling industry! We have a lot of different trades here, one of the most highly rated by students is tiling, we have great tiling facilities where you can learn, grow and progress through a number of qualifications on your way to becoming a professional! Check out our available courses:

We currently have 2 instructors here at Able Skills for tiling.

Our tiling training here at able skills offer intensive practical work. We have work stations set-up that emulates real-life scenarios, for example, a bathroom, using such workstations allows you to gain an understanding about the typical problems you will come across and how to work around them, cut tiles to the shape of the room and so on.

There are many opportunities for tiling traders, especially with the rapid expansion of homes across the country. People will always fancy a new look in their kitchen or bathroom or even living room. This is a great trade to get into with guaranteed work.

At Able Skills, you can get the tiling training and knowledge through our tiling courses. We have no doubt that once you leave, you can go on to find work in this field. Furthermore, we can get you geared and ready to undertake an NVQ.

Our tiling courses are perfectly suited for everyone! Whether you are looking for some basic skills or a full qualification, we have the course for you. Our shorter courses are also recognised by City & Guilds and offer up the training required if you are looking to complete some basic DIY work

More info?


There are three ways to enrol onto one of our Tiling CoursesFirstly, you can apply through our website, simply select the course and check the nearest availability! Secondly, you can contact us via phone on - 0808 100 3245. Lastly, you can come to our centre and ask about our available courses, book and see the facilities in person; our training centre is in Dartford. We are open 7-days a week from 8:30 - 4:30!