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Clive's Second trip to Gibraltar!

In the last year and a half, we have had two students come to Able Skills to complete their electrical training, however, they aren’t your regular students. They have come all the way from Gibraltar several times to complete their training and it’s time for us to go out to them. The journey for the Gibraltar boys is coming to an end as they look to complete the NVQ and AM2.

Jordan and Zhane were both enrolled onto the Home Study Electrical Courses by their company, Techtrolec. Travelling from Gibraltar to and from Able Skills in Dartford to complete the practical aspects of their course and have completed both the City & Guilds Level 2 & Level 3 qualifications. They are now almost complete with their electrical training and will soon be fully qualified Electricians. They are now working on the electrical NVQ and our NVQ assessor Clive will be flying out to Gibraltar to undergo their site assessments.

Earlier in 2018 Clive travelled out to see Jordan and Zhane and carry out their first practical assessments and successful completed this.

After a long training journey, including lots of hard work and travelling, Jordan and Zhane are nearing the end and will soon be fully qualified as Electricians. The company they work for, Techtrolec, have been very pleased with their training and wanted Clive to come over and complete their site assessments for them to achieve the electrical NVQ with Able Skills due to the training they had previously received.

The Home Study Electrical Courses they have undertaken are becoming extremely popular as the flexibility is perfect for everyone. It allows you to train at your own pace and fit your training around your every day life. Read more here: 5 Reasons Why The Home Study Electrical Course Could Be For You...

Clive has just returned from completing second site assessments with Jordan in Gibraltar and had a great time. Jordan is now ready to return to Able Skills and complete his AM2. He is currently looking at returning to the UK for the AM2 in September and previously living and training in the UK, Jordan is no stranger to his surroundings.

Techtrolec are extremely pleased with the quick progress Jordan has made and thanks to Able Skills he is nearly qualified as an Electrician. Zhane will be looking at finishing his journey early next year.

We have students from all over the world training with us and Jordan and Zhane are one of many success stories to come out of Able Skills from overseas students.

gibraltar Looks like Clive had a great time!

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