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House-Builders battling recruitment dilemma

construction industry house buildingHouse-building is a hot topic across the country right now and the amount of house building being planned is not matching up with the houses physically being built. With Brexit on the horizon, there is a lot of uncertainty around the plans for house building, especially with the amount of workers in the international pool that may or may not be available.

Two big firms in the house building sector are battling with a fight to recruit workers in all areas, especially construction. Across all construction trades, skilled workers will be needed on-site daily to build thousands of homes up and down the country. As the current skills shortage continues to run on, Brexit could make the problem a lot worse. Both big building firms, Weston Homes and Galliard Homes are both looking for hundreds of new workers to deal with the development of thousands of new homes.

Many will see this as a worry with the lack of workers to complete the house buildings, however, it opens up a whole host of opportunities in the industry. Workers are needed in all aspects of the construction industry and the high quantity of building work is set to continue for a good while.

Being in the same career your whole life can become extremely tedious and can make you miserable. It is never too late to change your career and have a go at something completely different. Here at Able Skills we’ve proved over and over again that no matter what age and what career you are in, it is never too late to change career and join the construction industry.

The big housing builds across the country is a huge project and something that would be great to be apart of. However, them homes won’t build themselves, so training in a construction trade will give you the skills you need to get working and part of a huge project. To make all that happen you will need to gain an NVQ in your chosen trade, after that it’s time to get your career started.

The Construction Industry is now trying to push more young people into successful and stable construction careers within the UK. This will clear the stigma of the construction industry being a job that has no possibilities.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the house building, then get the qualifications you need. Call 0808 100 3245 for more information on our Construction NVQ courses.

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