Looking To Gain An NVQ In Plumbing?


Let's take a look at how you can move forward in the world of plumbing...Already a working plumber? Gaining an NVQ or National Vocational Qualification could open some opportunities for you! Firstly, this isn’t a training course; it is an assessment process which takes place wherever you are undertaking plumbing work. This process is undertaken in order for you to be assessed on your competence so that you can achieve an NVQ. To complete an NVQ you will need to fill a portfolio of work that will assure your ability as a plumber and act as an example of your ability to conduct plumbing work to a high standard! - The existing Plumbing qualifications that you hold will likely map over to the NVQ and you will just need to be assessed in the work-place.


Plumbing courses

City & Guilds Plumbing Courses available here at Able Skills in Dartford.


If you are Experienced but non-qualified, you will be provided with a Home Study pack which covers the individual theory units which are then assessed in the centre by way of online multiple-choice exams. Once you have completed a Level 2 Plumbing qualification you will be handed over to our NVQ Assessor to then arrange the work-based assessments!

Gas training could be the next logical step?


If you are looking to increase your ability as a professional and broaden your skillset via an NVQ then the next logical step would be getting some top-quality Gas training! - We offer specific courses aimed at working professionals in plumbing, these Qualified Plumber Gas Packages are the perfect way to begin on the path to adding Gas to your arsenal! This course covers all of the stages required in order to get to the point of registering with Gas Safe.

The two trades are very similar, with the use of pipes, appliances, tools and so on it is relatively easy for a professional of one of the subject to become competent in the other. We see a lot of students picking up the two trades in conjunction and we even run a City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing & Gas Course which combines the two trades into one full-length course obviously you won't be learning the two at the exact same time rather one then the other but the combined course does offer a sweet discount!

More Information?


If you are looking for some more information about Plumbing Courses that we offer then browse our website or get in contact with us on 0808 100 3245! Alternatively, we have an open policy and will guide candidates that come into our office by showing you around our training facilities, answering questions and providing you with the best options in terms of the Plumbing Courses to achieve your specific goals! Come into our office located in Dartford, just a short walk away from the local train station and talk to a representative during our opening hours of 8:30 - 16:30 - we are happy to help!

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