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Retraining as an electrician has never been more easier!

As Britain slowly recovers from recession, the competition for jobs is going to be tough! More than ever before, it is important to get yourself the skills and qualifications that will set you apart from everyone else who will be applying for the same job as you.There are good reasons to now rethink your career path and retrain as an electrician. Despite of the severe economic downturn, there is still a shortage of skilled electricians in the UK, and demand is always there. Maybe the most important reason to train as an electrician is job security. Once you're trained and qualified, it is one of the few remaining careers that can be considered 'are for life'.Due to the demand for trade skills in the UK, excellent training centres, like AbleSkills will fully train you to be an electrician to City & Guilds industry standards in their recent development of a newly purpose built centre, complete with the latest learning technology classrooms and industry staff.Courses have different time lengths, from a series of weekend training, intensive full time , or over a set number of weeks. To become a fully qualified electrician the required course is the City & Guilds 2330 level 2 and City & Guilds 2356 - Electrical NVQ level 3 Technical Certificates.An intensive electrician training course covers all aspects of installation electrician (domestic electrician) and condenses 2 years of apprenticeship content into a full time course. Please note that shorter training courses that provide an introduction and then lead onto undertaking NVQ Level 2 'underpinning' knowledge training, are just the first step! Most trade requirements are for at least a NVQ at Level 2 ( preferably at Level 3) to be classed as a qualified electrician but NVQs take time to achieve using a combination of off-the-job training with a training provider and working with an employer in the sector.At AbleSkills, there is no limit! You can take your career development as far as you like and significantly increase your knowledge skills to boost your employment and earning potential!?