Spaces on our Gold Card Approved Electrician courses in April & May!


We have spaces available on our Gold Card Approved Electrician Package starting in April & May. This is the most all-in-one training option that we offer and includes almost every electrical course that we teach here at the centre. This course is aimed at somebody who is confident they want a career as an electrician and want a pathway through electrician courses that ultimately leads to that goal, along the way giving you the skills, knowledge, ability and qualifications to do so. If you want to kick-start a career in the electrical industry then you will struggle to find a better opportunity to get all of your necessary training in one place, with great facilities and instructors with years of expertise.


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Spaces on our Gold Card Approved Electrician courses in May!


Why is it called the 'Gold Package'?


We call this package of electrical training the Gold Approved electrician package because upon successful completion of the course you will be able to get yourself a Gold CSCS card which means that you are an 'Approved electrician' in the eyes of the industry. Having this card will allow you to walk onto most construction sites around the country to carry out work. The Installation Electrician ECS gold card as you can see below is for NVQ Level 3 skilled individuals who work unsupervised on the installation, commissioning and maintenance of low voltage electrical and electronic devices and appliances in a consumer's electrical installation.


electrical coursss

Example of the JIB or Joint Industry Board's 'Gold Card'.

How does it work?


This course will teach you from scratch how to become a professional electrician. You will learn through a mix of both hands-on practical lessons within our workshops as well as an intense look at the theory behind plumbing in a classroom-setting. This collection of courses will start of with the two fundamental qualifications and those are our City & Guilds Level 2 & 3 electrical courses which are both 7-weeks long.

These initial 14-weeks are were you will really learn the trade, develop your skills and gain confidence in your knowledge and ability when it comes to the fundamentals of the trade. As well as an understanding of the Health & Safety requirements governing electrical installation processes, and knowledge of the organisation and structure of the electrical industry within which these activities are carried out. You'll learn everything from the basics of cable types & equipment standards to lighting circuits, power circuits, steel conduit lighting and generally gain valuable experience in our workshops that present a realistic look at the tasks you'll be completing out in the industry.

From here, now that you have a good understanding of the trade you will look to gain familiarity with the latest Wiring Regulations through our 18th Edition course - This course is completely classroom focused and will help you to know the layout, content and application of the regulations. Over 3-days you will study the 'blue book' itself and familiarise yourself with the definitions, meaning and ideas within this edition. The course is then assessed by way of an 'open-book' exam, meaning that you can have the regulations with you whilst taking the exam, the challenge is knowing where to find the information and its relevance. Our instructors are expects on this topic as they have been teaching these regulations since they cam into effect.

At this point you should be feeling confident in your understanding of the trade. Now it is time to gain knowledge on a few other topics including PAT Testing and Inspection and Testing courses - Both of these will help you to understand electrical testing of both portable appliances and electrical installations, what the processes are and how to correctly assess the results. These are essential skills in an electricians arsenal. Then, finally you will take a break from training and go out into the industry to find work because the NVQ and AM2 will follow on from here and the dates for these assessments are likely to be determined by you to suit your schedule.



This package also provides you with the following which are yours to keep:


  • Comprehensive CK Toolkit
  • City & Guilds level 2 text book
  • City & Guilds level 3 text book
  • Access to Smartscreen


Electrician courses

Example of the CK Toolkit.



When can I start?


As stated we do have spaces available starting from the 12th of April and 17th of May 2021! If you would like to find out more information about the Electrician courses on offer here at our centre you can contact us on 0808 100 3245 - Over the phone we are happy to help in any way that we can whether you have some questions or you will like to secure your place on a specific course, we are happy to help. You are also completely welcome to come and visit our training centre in person. In person we are happy to discuss your options, book courses and even show you around our facilities, so that you can see for yourself what we do. You can also book courses with us online, take a look below for the booking form for this Gold Card Approved Electrician Package...




Additional Information:


We are in Dartford, Kent which is on the London and Kent border. If you live a considerable distance from us then you should be aware that we do offer accomodation to our students. You can book accommodation with us for the duration of your training courses for just £20 per night! - We have 3 locations, however spaces are limited so make sure to contact us with plenty of time before the start of your course.



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