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The NICEIC want more Female Electricians

A survey carried out by the NICEIC has shown that three quarters of male electricians would be very happy for their daughters to pursue a career as an Electrician. However, many of them believe their daughters would be discouraged to train as an Electrician due to the old fashioned attitudes of the trade.

The NICEIC started a campaign called ‘Jobs for the Girls’ and this was aimed to get more women and young girls to train as Electricians and help plug at the growing skills gap. Since the introduction of this campaign the NICEIC have seen an increase of women in the industry, however, the figure is still very low.

At Able Skills we have regularly seen women come to start their career as an Electrician with our Level 2 Electrical course and then they move onto our other electrical courses. We are an IET Centre of Excellence and we are offer various electrical training courses. Our courses will allow someone to begin as a complete beginner to leaving Able Skills as a fully qualified Electrician.

The skills gap within the electrical industry is being noticed by a lot of people and our electrical courses at Able Skills have been more popular than even before, so busy that we are now selling course dates for 2017!

Some people may look at a seven week course and think how they are going to fit that around their everyday life. We understand that this can be a problem for a lot of people, this is why we offer the Home Study option which allows theory work to be completed at home and then you come in for four weeks of practical training.

Here is Sam on her first day of training at Able Skills doing some health and safety work. Here is Sam on her first day of training at Able Skills doing some health and safety work.

Sam has begun her practical training for her Home Study course this week, as she works her way through her Level 2 Electrical course. Sam works for a telecoms company where she completes all the costing. She took this course to get a better understanding of all the materials and rules and regulations of the electrical industry.

In the future Sam can see herself using her new skills to do some of the practical work and expand her knowledge. Sam is just one of lots of women across the UK getting into the electrical industry in some shape or form.

Women are at a huge advantage in the industry as there is a big push to get more women working and plugging at the skills gap. It is a fantastic opportunity to get trained up as an Electrician and help increase the number of female electricians.

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