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Tiling Courses, Get Involved!

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We currently have 2 instructors here at Able Skills for tiling.

Our tiling training here at able skills offer intensive practical work. We have work stations set-up that emulates a real-life scenario, for example, a bathroom and you will learn all the tricks of the trade.

We do not easily give out qualifications on our tiling courses, the aim is for us to give you all the practical ability and knowledge in order to undertake assessments. We're trying to get the best out of you and encourage learning in the techniques that will give you perfect results. Once you finish with us here at Able Skills you will have the confidence to get a job in tiling.

Which course is best for you?


If you have little to no experience in tiling, then we recommend taking an introduction to tiling course.  If you feel confident and want to move forward in this trade then the advanced tiling course is well suited for those who want to take their skills to the next level in order to tackle more complex areas of tiling. The next level would be a 6-week city & guilds tiling course which will give you a real insight into life in this trade. You will be allocated a bathroom area where you will experience the common problems that a professional would come across.

If you feel very confident in your ability and you are serious about getting into tiling as a full-time career. Then you should be aiming to achieve an NVQ (National Vocational Qualification). We run an NVQ Level 2 tiling course. Which you can upgrade to after completing the 6-week city & guilds tiling course. This will be an extra two weeks during which you will learn some more advanced tiling methods. You also be prepared for what to expect from an NVQ and how to complete it with confidence.

Why take a tiling course?


There are many opportunities for tiling traders, especially with the rapid expansion of homes across the country. People will always fancy a new look in their kitchen or bathroom or even living room. This is a great trade to get into with guaranteed work.

At Able Skills, you can get the tiling training and knowledge through our tiling courses. We have no doubt that once you leave, you can go on to find work in this field. Furthermore, we can get you geared and ready to undertake an NVQ.

Our tiling courses are perfectly suited for everyone! Whether you are looking for some basic skills or a full qualification, we have the course for you. Our shorter courses are also recognised by City & Guilds and offer up the training required if you are looking to complete some basic DIY work.

More information:


Our courses are all flexible and can be taken at your discretion on weekdays or weekends. We have a few payment methods you can check on our website. For more information on tiling courses, click the links throughout this article. Alternatively, you can come to our training centre anytime between 8:30 - 4:30. We will happily answer any questions and show you around so you can see for yourself what to expect or you call us for more information and bookings at - 0808 100 3245

tiling courses Able Skills is an accredited centre securing approval to deliver qualification training from City & Guilds.