Turn this year around and become an Electrician from start to finish!


This has been a stage time for all of us but now is the time to make changes for the better! Here at Able Skills, we have been working hard to ensure that we are running a centre that is safe and reliable with social distancing measures in place including PPE and so on. We know that there will be more people interested in starting a new career than ever and we are prepared to give you the valuable training you need! To become a fully-qualified electrician from start to finish is not easy, however, our all-inclusive JIB Gold Card Package makes the process as straight forward as possible and includes everything you need! Let's break down how this package of electrician courses works...


Electrician courses

City & Guilds Electrical Courses at Able Skills


Step one:


The JIB Gold Card Route here at Able Skills includes a full set of Electrical Courses and Electrician Training that will ensure you become a competent and able JIB Gold Card Approved Electrician.  The first step on this route is to gain the fundamental knowledge and practical experience which will be learnt through our 7-week City & Guilds Level 2 Electrical Course! This is the industry recognised route for new entrants looking for a career as an Electrician and the first step on your path towards professionalism.


Step two:


Next...Once you've completed the first 7-weeks and you have gained confidence in your new-found knowledge, experience and ability we will move on towards achieving a PAT testing qualification -  PAT testing or Portable Appliance Testing is a predominantly theoretical course that once learnt via testing equipment and so on will feature an online assessment that you will complete here at our training centre!


Step three:


From there...It will be time to study the 18th Edition wiring regulations - a legal requirement for everybody carrying out electrical work in the UK and aims to be the country's industry standards. It is a legal offence to carry out electrical work without having the latest knowledge on wiring regulations and that is why we include this on the JIB Gold Card route.


Step four:


The next natural step is to increase your knowledge of overall electrical work - you will do this by taking on the City & Guilds Level 3 Electrical Course which will help you to gain more advanced knowledge of the subject and familiarity with different more complex systems - covering a large range of subject including:

  • Understanding the fundamental principles and requirements of environmental technology systems, assessed by way of an online exam
  • Principles of Electrical Science, assessed by way of a 2 hour written exam and a short practical task

And much more...


Step five:


Next up...Is 2391-52 otherwise known as the Inspection and Testing Course which teaches students everything they need to know regarding initial verification and periodic inspection and testing. Ideally, a course like this is for electricians who may not have carried out inspection and testing since qualifying and need some form of an update and guidance through technical training.


Step six:


Almost there...next is gaining an NVQ Level 3 - which is what most electricians aspire to gain, as it automatically makes you stand out from anyone working within electrics and is a big step in ultimately achieving JIB Gold Card status. It is an assessment of your competence, not so much a training course but a test to see if what you have learnt has paid off and that you have the ability to carry out work correctly, efficiently and within regulation! - If completed successfully you can update your ECS card for an experienced worker card which will help you get those higher-paying jobs!


Step seven:


Last but not least...You will need to complete an AM2 assessment - again, where your level of competence will be put to the test! This can only be booked after achieving your NVQ Level 3 and is suitable for the following people:

  • Apprentices approaching the end of their training for the JIB Apprentice Training Scheme and the Electrical Installation Modern Apprenticeship.
  • Others wishing to accredit practical experience.


The JIB Gold card comes with the status of “Approved Electrician” which will be the reward for completing this intensive 16-week course. This is the absolute best way to get a career started in this field. Our instructors will be there the entire journey to answer questions and keep you on the right track. We have been working hard the last 4-weeks to make an environment that is safe and reliable for both students and staff. We take health & safety very seriously and we will be maintaining a secure learning environment, ensuring social distancing and a clean space to learn and develop!


Additional Information:


Feel free to give us a call on 0808 100 3245. We are happy to have a conversation about the entire range of Electrician courses that we offer and what would work best for what you are trying to achieve. Currently, we are providing training 7-days a week after re-opening. Plumbing causes, Bricklaying courses, Gas courses and Electrician courses are back in full-swing in a controlled manner with the rest of the construction trades returning on August 3rd!


We have our own accommodation which is available on a room only basis and is located only 5 minutes from the Training Centre. The Accommodation is owned by Able Skills and will only ever be used by our students; the property also has a large car park so, for any of our visitors who are considering driving to us, vehicles can be left there quite safely.


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