Why is Plastering a good career choice?


Starting a new career is daunting,  especially if you are not sure of the path you want to take, the endless job sites and the stress of completing form after form... you may already have a job but you don't see a future in it. This quick guide will explain how to get into the plastering industry through our Plastering courses and the benefits of having a trade under your belt!


Plastering courses

You can become a fully qualified Plasterer here at Able Skills.


What is plastering?


Well put simply, Plastering is the process of applying a thin cover of cement mortar over the exposed surface in order to safeguard against penetration of rainwater and other atmospheric agencies. It improves the appearance of the structure and gives a decorative effect to the interiors.

Plastering can be physically demanding work, so a level of physical fitness is important. It is a very versatile job as many diffrent times of construction from residential to commercial buildings need plaster, so you will be kept engaged with a diffrent site to work on constantly. Plastering is also a trade that can be done in the traditional gig style working for a construction company or you can even take the role in your own hands and become self-employed!

What's the money like?


As a plasterer, the earnings really depend on a number of factors, firstly if you're working for a construction firm or for yourself. Secondly, how well known are you in the industry the longer you are out there making a name for yourself and building a client base, your salary will obviously in-turn increase...However, the general statistics show that the average Plasterer salary in London is £31,282. This is 4.3% more than the average national salary for Plasterer jobs which is around £30,000.


Do we offer Plastering Training?


Of course, we do! Here at Able Skills, we run courses in all types of construction trades including Plastering courses! We are based in Dartford, Kent there are great transport links including the major train station and we also offer accommodation near our facility at very affordable rates.

Our Plastering courses are taught by our two instructors Jo & Spencer who not only have great experience teaching the trade, but they also have years of experience working in the industry and know everything there is to know, they will help guide you on whichever course you decide to embark on. Get your career started!

No previous knowledge of Plastering? If you have no previous experience in plastering then we would recommend starting with the basics, this would be through our Introduction to Plastering Course. Or if you don't have any ability in the trade but you are sure you would like to pursue it then you could enrol in a 6-week Accredited Plastering Course!

If you already have some knowledge or you have completed one of the courses above then you may be interested in taking a full-time course that will gear you towards life in the industry. This would be either a 10-week Level 2 Diploma or an 8-week NVQ Level 2 Plastering course! Either of these two courses will be your perfect all-inclusive path to employment and will prepare you very well if you eventually want to become a professional in this area of work.

Need some more information?


If you are looking to book a Level 2 NVQ Plastering Course or any of our other plastering courses here, with us at Able Skills, you have a couple of options...Firstly you can select a course on our website, check availability and book online! Secondly, you can call us at - 0808 100 3245 Lastly, you can come to our training centre and discuss plastering courses, facilities, prices and book a course in person! We are open every day between 8:30 - 4:30


Plastering courses

Able Skills is a City & Guilds accredited training centre!