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"Women in Electrical" Campaign

QVS Direct have launched 'Women in Electrical' which is a campaign that aims to battle gender inequality in skilled trades just like the electrical industry.

They are a leading electrical wholesaler and they have been interviewing and working with many females who currently work within the electrical industry to help this campaign tackle the gender issues within the electrical trade.

This is a bit of information from their new campaign they are running:

Despite comprising 50% of the UK workforce, the electrical industry is severely weighted against budding female technicians, as only 1 in every 1000 contractors is female.”

Women in Electrical is a campaign that is looking to encourage more females into the electrical industry and prove that isn’t a trade just for boys.

Here at Able Skills we see lots of females training across our electrical courses, from full time Electrician Courses to our Domestic Electrical Courses. Over the past two years we have seen a steady increase in women on our electrical courses. However, it is still a massively male dominated industry.

For example, we have had female students like Netti here at Able Skills and she completed all her electrical training here with us and is now successfully working out there in the industry. Starting as a complete novice, Netti worked her way through all her courses and completed them with great success and was highly praised by all her tutors.

Women in Electrical Here is Netti back in 2015 during here Level 3 Course

Also, more recently Emma has completed her Level 2 Electrical Course with us, however she done this with our Home Study Electrical Courses. This a fantastic route into the industry without having to commit to a long course. Emma is now considering completing her level 3 as a progression, she is one of many females that have chosen the home study route with us.

Women in Electrical is a fantastic campaign that will hopefully bridge the gap between genders in the electrical industry and encourage more women of all ages to join the trade and have successful careers. We expect to see a positive impact from this campaign with lots of women looking to train in not just the electrical industry but the whole construction industry together.

The number of women currently working in all the trades is still low, however, it’s still growing and ‘Women in Electrical’ will only increase that number with the support and encouragement on show and more females will be looking to train.

With more and more women training here at Able Skills we are seeing this increase happen right in front of us. If you are a female looking to get into a trade, please contact us today on 0808 100 3245 for more information. Also, come and visit our centre here in Dartford, no appointment is needed just pop down and we will be more than happy to show you around.

Find more information on the campaign here: