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Inspection and Testing has been given mass amounts of attention in recent times with the continuing number of incidents occurring throughout the country. From Grenfell Tower to other electrical fires in both domestic and commercial properties, there have been campaigns to increase awareness of the importance of Inspection and Testing and of course electrical safety in general.

This is where Inspection and Testing particularly comes into play as it remains a massive part in keeping not only everyday Electricians safe, but knowing that the public is in good hands take a lot of weight off of companies' shoulders too.

Today, we spoke to student Bryan Trigg who is currently undergoing the Inspection and Testing part on his Advanced Domestic Installer Course. We thought it would be a good idea to see how he's getting on and even found out what he did before as well as his immediate plans after. So Bryan...

What Were You Doing Before And Why This Course?

I've been working in sales for quite some time and I'm actually semi-retiring. I say that because this course will allow me to earn some extra money doing odd jobs here and there within a peoples' homes. Having worked within an office for all these years I would prefer a change with something more hands on and electrics is something I've always been interested in.

What Made You Choose Able Skills?

Well I searched Electrical Courses online and came across your website. I called up to find out more and thought it would be a good idea to come down and see the centre in action in for myself. It was mainly for my peace of mind to check that it was as good as it seemed online!

How Are You Finding The Course So Far?

The training is going absolutely fine. The teaching is really good and I have to say the course is pretty full on but overall I'm really happy with it.

Being on the Advanced Domestic Installer Course, Bryan has undergone several Electrical Courses learning everything there is to know to make sure he makes the money he's after!

What Are Your Plans After?

inspection and testing courses

Able Skills Electrical Courses and Electrician Training Are Both City & Guilds Accredited

Well enjoy my retirement! Seeing as I only want this to be a part time thing, i'm thinking about initially working with a company for 6 months to gain the industry experience I need. This will help me become confident enough to offer a couple of jobs here and there. I think I'm going to play it by ear but I certainly don't want to forget about what I've learnt so far.

It's great to see someone who's retiring still keen to learn a new skill and stay busy, especially in a hands on role. It's very motivating to see and we hope others take note!

If you're interested in our 2391 Inspection and Testing Courses or the Advanced Domestic Installer Electrical Package, please click here for more information. Alternatively, feel free to pop in and speak to us in person ANY day of the week between 8.30 and 4.30!