Young girl wins Pride of Britain award for saving family from carbon monoxide poisoning!


The young girl, only 7-years old was woken up by her younger brother who was at the time experiencing nausea, hallucinations and felt completely disorientated. Remembering lessons taught from her school on gas safety she immediately recognised the symptoms as carbon monoxide poisoning (CO) she checked the carbon monoxide detector that was in her home and saw that the light had turned from its usual green colour to red. She woke her mother up and instructed her to ring for help immediately. She was even smart enough to recall the number, 0800 111 999, for the emergency gas engineer! 


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This is absolutely amazing work from this young girl! We need more lessons like this on Gas safety in more schools as evidently it could potentially save lives! Carbon Monoxide poisoning is very serious and can even be fatal - this young girl could have saved both her brother and mums lives!

Find out more about this story here! 


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