A rise in female electricians, plumbers and builders!


According to recent statistics, there is now twice as many women working in the trade industry than there was 10-years ago! This is great at the industry has always been male-dominated, however, these numbers are nowhere near what they should be. 33,000 women were out in the industry in 2019 and this number still seems small. There are an equal amount of opportunities out there for both male and females in trades like electrics, plumbing and bricklaying, for example, it is just about changing the perspective of who fills these roles. Here at Able Skills, we encourage anybody with a passion for a trade to take it one headfirst with our electrician courses, plumbing courses and other construction training. When we return to business, as usual, we hope to increase these numbers.


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Females Students On Electrician, Gas and Plumbing Courses at Able Skills.


What can I do right now?


Well, if you are serious about becoming an electrician, for example, you can prepare yourself in the time being by checking out learning materials online and trying to get a grasp of the fundamentals of electrical theory. This will make your job easier when it comes to training with us and will put you a cut above the rest. There are so many available recourses online for electrical theory including thousands of videos on youtube. There is always an opportunity to learn, preparing yourself for our courses will also mean that you don't fall behind in any way and will benefit more and ultimately score higher when it comes to taking the assessments required to complete our electrician courses such as our Domestic Electrical Part-P Package for domestic installers or our Gold Card Approved Electrician Package for those looking to become fully-qualified and work outside of a domestic setting on sites like; commercial buildings, construction sites and so on.


Examples of online materials: 


Understanding Basic Electrical Theory

Electrical Exam


Home-Study Options:


With the uncertainty at this current moment in time, we want to bring attention to our 'Home-Study' options. We other a lot of flexibility when it comes to training with us and we aim to provide teaching to whoever needs our services. This option is available on both our Level 2 and Level 3 electrician courses, giving students the ability to learn the theory side of the trade in the comfort of their own home! We will provide you will all of the learning materials you will need with our 'Home-Study Pack'. Once you are confident that you understand the provided materials, we recommend 3- 6 months you will book 3 or 4 weeks depending on the level of qualification, during which you will attend our centre, learn the hands-on, essential skills and complete assessments!


Need more information?


Looking for more information? If you would like to learn more about any of our City & Guilds Electrician courses and other training you can give us a call on 0808 100 3245. Obviously, at this moment in time and with our suspension of training following March 23rd due to the current world-wide pandemic we hope to see you enrol onto our Electrician courses and other training once we are back in action, we will put out more information as the weeks go by, thanks for your cooperation.


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