A switch of careers to an Electrician has never been easier, let's have a look at some of the paths towards becoming a professional:


Here this week at Able Skills we have two new groups of students who have just started on their City & Guilds Level 2 & 3 courses! So - it got us thinking, what are the best ways for somebody to switch careers and become an electrician with our help? We offer alternative training options - these courses give everybody the chance to train in the world of electrics. Whether you're looking to get some basic knowledge or become a working progessional there are a few different options.


Electrician courses

Able Skills Home Study Electrical Courses, Weekend and Full-time.


If you have no experience whatsoever then, stop, before you read any further we advise that you take our Introduction to Basic Domestic Electrics course which will give you the foundation of knowledge. We advise taking this first before embarking on a full-time course or package so that you are not left behind and or struggling to understand in the beginning.

Now...Let's take a look at some options:


These two options are for those people who may have a job already but would like to train as an electrician and later switch jobs to working in the trade or even work self-employed in this sector. Here at Able Skills, we have thought of everything and these options will hopefully be useful for those with prior arrangements.

Weekend Courses: 


In addition to our full-time Electrical Courses and Electrician Training, we offer a huge variety of Electrician courses on Saturdays and Sundays too! Yes, this means you can achieve a City & Guilds Qualification by only training 2 days a week. Obviously this will take a lot longer than if you were to just study here during the week but can be the only option for people in steady employment that can't get time off or get away from any other prior engagements.

LIKE THE SOUND OF WEEKEND COURSES? - We have dates available for weekend courses on the Level 2 City & Guilds and Level 3 on the weeks starting 6th June & 11th July! See below for the City & Guilds Level 2 Weekend option: 




Home study Electrician courses are great for those who don't have the time to be at our training centre all week but are committed to learning the trade. This is such a convenient method of learning if you put the work in - we will do our bit but this means you need to put in the hard work whilst not at our centre.

How does it work?


You learn the theory in your own time before coming in and undergoing your practical training and assessments. Upon enrollment, we send you out what's called a Home Study Pack. This includes everything you need to know with regards to the theoretical aspect of either the Level 2 or Level 3 Electrical Course as we offer both courses on a Home Study basis.

You can study in the week?


If you can study during the week then the best way to get all of the practical training and theory you need to begin life as a working electrician is to take up our Gold Card Approved Electrician course which is a package that includes all of the main courses that are needed to become fully qualified. This package will teach you to be an Electrician, a Domestic Installer, to test portable appliances, to inspect and test on both single and three-phase supplies and you also achieve a level 3 NVQ and AM2! This is the complete package and the best way to get the training you need to feel confident and become a professional! 


Electrician courses

Students busy at work today in our centre!


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If you would like to contact us regarding Electrician courses or any other training that we provide here at our training centre, then do not hesitate to get a hold of us. You can do that in a couple of ways, firstly, give us a call on 08081003245! Secondly, we have an open-door policy meaning that during opening hours (8:30 - 16:30) we are happy to see anyone that comes into our office, we will show you around and give you advice, recommendations and answer any questions you may have about Electrician courses or other training. We are located in Dartford on the border between London and Kent, just a short walk away from Dartford train station!

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Electrician courses

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