Demand for electrical courses may see a spike after it was announced that the final assessment apprentices must take before they can become professionals has changed.

The reason for the alteration to the Achievement Measurement 2 (AM2) exam - which has been in operation since 1985 - is reported to be due to increasingly demanding nature of the sector.

So workers taking electrical courses in the future will need to complete the improved AM2 test to become fully qualified, which SummitSkills development manager Trevor Hill noted has had a positive contribution from people in the industry.

"The experience and advice of those currently in the industry, in roles at different levels, was used to ensure that the AM2 reflects the skills and knowledge needed by today's electricians," he remarked.

SummitSkills worked alongside National Electrotechnical Training (NET) to produce the new exam.

Last year, NET revealed that its mobile test centre is reducing waiting time for the AM2 electrical course exam from ten to 12 months to two to three weeks in one facility in Wales.

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