Able Skills Ltd are ELC registered – Number 11635

Able Skills is an ELCAS approved training provider for courses which result in nationally recognised qualifications at level 3 or above.

If you have entitlement to ELC’s, you can use your enhanced learning credits for any of our approved courses:

To find out more about this scheme, please visit

Most people serving in the armed forces will be aware that The Ministry of Defence offer this Enhanced Learning Credit scheme to promote lifelong learning amongst members. These are great allowances and can be used on resettlement courses for those of you who have been a member of the armed forces and who have served for four years or more.

You can claim Enhanced Learning Credits from the services for up to ten years after leaving. You can only claim once a year and you can save them up for up to three years, which you don’t need to run consecutively. The credits can be used to pay for courses but only apply to level 3 courses or above.

There are two tiers of ELC entitlement.

  • If you have accumulated 4 years of service since 01/04/2000 you will be entitled to the lower tier.
  • If you have accumulated 8 years of service since 1 April 2000 you will be entitled to the higher tier.

You can claim up to £1,000 (Lower Tier) or £2,000 (Higher Tier) per financial year (31st March – 1st April) towards qualifying courses.

Enhanced learning credits can be used for up to 80% of a course fee, up to the maximum ELC entitlement; you will be required to cover any remaining fees yourself.

You can claim 3 times in separate financial years, and you can use ELC’s for up to 10 years from your last day of service.

Enhanced learning credits can be used towards the costs of tuition fees including VAT.

ELCs cannot be used towards travel, subsistence, accommodation, meals, equipment or course materials where additional fees apply.

If you wish to apply for a course with Able Skills and you would like to use ELCs to meet some of the fees, please read JSP 898, Part 4, Chapter 3 to ensure that you follow the correct procedures.

If you are serving in the forces at the time of undertaking training, please visit and consult the staff in your local RN Education Centre, Army Education Centre, or RAF Learning Centre.

If you are a service leaver, please visit

If you have any queries at all relating to the courses that we offer or the processes required to apply for any ELC entitlement, please give us a call on 01322 280202 or pop down to the centre to see us, we are open every day from 08.30 – 16.00 – no appointment required.