John Sisk & Son has been announced as the construction company that is to build a new animal shelter in London.

A new and sustainable cattery is to be built costing £3.9 million at the famous Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, with 83 pens as well as a reception, waiting area and meeting rooms.

Mike Higgings, director for the south of England at Sisk, said: "We look forward to commencing work on-site for the new facility, which when completed we hope will help find many animals new owners and will continue to propel the charity in its good work."

The work will be a boost for those with a range of skills, ranging from plumbing to carpentry and bricklaying.

Green trained individuals will also be needed as there is to be an emphasis on making the building sustainable, with renewable energy technologies being used throughout the building.

It is expected that the building will be complete in the summer of 2010.